Change In Chattanooga

Chattanooga Pastors and Intercessors / The Rainmakers Revival at  4204 Ohls Avenue, Wednesday, August 1- Friday, August 3rd, at 6:33pm. Praise and Worship by anointed psalmists. The Word preached by Bishop Sean Teal. The prayer of faith and the laying on of hands for the sick and afflicted. Please visit and let us know you will be attending.

Kingdom Greetings!

Dear Spiritual Leaders,

Please accept this correspondence as a sincere request for your prayerful affirmations for the upcoming “Rainmakers Revival”, August 1st -3rd, 2018. You, your members and especially your prayer ministry leaders are cordially invited.

Prayer Everywhere Partners are sponsoring, a “drought breaking” encounter with the Holy Spirit. The prophet Zechariah dares the remnant, “You ask of the Lord rain…” (10:1). We are that remnant! This will be a remnant revival for those desperate to see power again in prayer and miracles again in ministry.

I am summoned by the Spirit to convene revival and call for prayer. We return to Chattanooga to initiate another intercessory initiative. Prayer Everywhere, the 120 Prayer Meeting, The National Prayer Call, The Prayer Bowl, The School of Prayer, The Gathering and the World Prayer Congress all begin with a vision and a remnant in Chattanooga.

We have now ministered prayer in over 200 cities around the world. We are a global prayer hub. Prayer is our business. Possessing property for The Praying Place is our next vision.

Chattanooga is a pivotal portal for prayer. Like no other city in America and the world, Chattanooga has “prayer  potential”. Chattanooga was recently listed as the “Most Churched City In America”. Churches are about to be “houses of prayer”! We are believing for God to transform Chattanooga into the “Prayer Capital of the World”.



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