The Gathering 2016

Gathering 2016 PE

The Gathering 2016 The Gathering is a premier three day/four nights International Congress on Prayer and Intercession hosted by the Partners of Prayer Everywhere. The vision of The Gathering is to instruct on prayer and intercession, inspire prayer experiences and implement prayer strategies. It will take place at New Hope Baptist Church, Emeryville-Oakland, California, October 6th-9th. For registration information:

What is Prayer Everywhere?  Prayer Everywhere is an international prayer movement that exist to leave no place in the world untouched by prayer or praying people. The vision, mission and passion is to minister prayer everywhere. It is the conviction of Prayer Everywhere that prayer is the most vital biblical strategy and intercession the most important spiritual ministry.

Who is Prayer Everywhere?  Prayer Everywhere is lead by its visionary and founder, Bishop Sean Teal, Th.D. and is comprised of a nationwide team of  pastors, intercessors and laypersons who partner with the vision and volunteer their time and resources to coordinate, administrate and facilitate a daily national prayer teleconference, weekly radio/podcasts, extended spiritual prayer campaigns and events that promote prayer.

How is The Gathering ?  The Gathering 2016 will provoke twenty-first century Christians to reemploy the patterns and practices of prayer as taught by Christ and as recorded in the Book of Acts. We will also accomplish:

  • Assisting pastors and church leaders in the introduction, application and administration of relevant prayer resources and venues.
  • Addressing the modern barriers to dynamic local church prayer ministry and member participation.
  • Assessing the quality of prayer ministries and providing options and opportunities for spiritual health and growth.
  • Assembling highly-motivated prayer leaders and highly-interested prayer learners to gather for interaction, instruction and impartation.




Beginning May 22nd, 2016

One HOPE Radio has found its new home! We have received a better opportunity to reach a greater audience. We are on the grow!

One Hour of Prayer Everywhere Radio will begin airing
KDIA 1640AM Sundays @ 7:00pm (EST) / 4:00pm (PST)

Log on to or download KDIA The Light 1640 AM
at Google Apps (free).