Mother Mildred Memorial

“Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates” (Proverbs 31:31). There are few men in the 20th and 21st centuries who have been more mightily used by God than my spiritual father and apostle, Dr. Tl. Lowery. There are few women who have ever been more instrumental in helping to launch and lead a global full gospel ministry than his wife, Mother Mildred Lowery. She was more than a doting wife of over 60 years, she was a fellow worker in the Gospel.

I wish you could have known her. She was quiet, gentle, sweet, and strong. She married a Gospel giant and nurtured his anointing. She was a mother committed to the purpose of God in her son and her generations to come. She knew how to love everybody. She had more spiritual children than she could count.

One memorable moment that changed the destiny of my family was ministered by Mother Mildred. We were attending an Impartation Conference with Dr. Lowery. We were in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. Lowery was preparing to lay hands on all the pastors and ministers who were desiring to receive a  “double portion” anointing for ministry. The altars were jammed.  I was moving closer to the front with Lady Stephanie in tow. About that time Stephanie pulls away from me and goes to Mother Mildred. I continued to press into the altar call and had hands laid upon me by Dr. Lowery.

My wife instead went and found Mother Mildred who was sitting in the midst of a throng of people who were all trying to get to Dr. Lowery. Stephanie asked her to lay hands on her because she figured if I wanted the kind of anointing Dr. Lowery had on his life, then she was going to need the kind of anointing on Mother Mildred’s life. Mother laid hands; quietly and effectively asked God for an impartation to be released to my wife. Precious moments!

The last time I saw her she lay frail in the bed. She looked up and saw me coming into the room behind Dr. Lowery. She smiled and greeted me with, “Hey You!”.  In our short conversation I told her that I thought Dr. Lowery was still too much on the move. She responded with, “Oh, it’s okay to stay on the move”. Thank you, Mother Mildred for permission to stay on the move!