Teach Your Child To Tithe

My mother must have worked for God. As a child I was sure she was on His payroll. She held the official position of “Tithe Police” in the Teal family. Every Sunday, without fail, the Teal children, all five, would be required to present the weekly church offering envelope to my mother for inspection. She checked every envelope to make sure that 10% of our $5.00 weekly allowance was ready to be presented as a tithe. It always was!

My grandmother, Mother Beatrice Toeran, set the principle of tithing into our family. She was a true and tested tither. She taught my mother to tithe, She taught my mother to teach her children to tithe. Tithing is one of the generational blessings God has bestowed upon my family.

My conviction regarding tithing has nothing to do with me being a preacher. I was a tither before I was a preacher! Recently I had the privilege of spending time with my older sister and brother and one of the many things we recounted that has determined our way of doing things has been the discipline of the tithe.

“Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances….” (Malachi 3:7). The reason Malachi preached to and pastored a God-robbing generation is because the previous generation did not honor God with the tithe. Parents and grandparent must be proactive in training and teaching the tithe. This is financial security and spiritual favor for your family. If you tithe it will bless you and generations to come.

Tithing Until He Comes,

Bishop Sean Teal