Halloween is Not For Saints!

November 1 is “Saint’s Day”. Did you know that? Do your children know this? Will you and your family be celebrating and mentioning Saints Day tomorrow?  Excuse me. I didn’t mean to startle you. I just know someone is supposed to ask these questions.

Why are believers so happy about Halloween?  Why are Christians dressing up in ghoulish costumes to attend church events? Why are our children not warned or even aware of the demonic history and nature of Halloween?  Are we the light in this dark world?

The kingdom of God is counter-culture. “My kingdom is not of this world..” (John 18:36). The kingdom of God is the Christ-culture. We come from an anointed culture. We live life on a higher level. Our lives should announce to the world that we live in a better and brighter reality. We are called introduce the culture of Christ to the world through our lives and witness.

If we were seeing into the spirit realm like the apostles and prophets of old, we would see the fierce battle that rages against this planet and the purpose of God in the people of God. There are real powers that rule in darkness that seek portals and entries into the earth, specifically into regions. Once a stronghold is set up in a region that demon spirit responsible for the take over becomes one of the “principalities” in that particular region. This explains a lot of cities in America, San Francisco, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New York.  See Daniel 10.

We have no idea how intense and unyielding the battle is and how the war in heaven will only intesify as the end-times draw to a cataclysmic close. See Revelation 12.  This is serious stuff! We don’t have the luxury of being asleep on Halloween.

We need to see Halloween for what it really is – a portal for paganism into our culture. Halloween is derived by demon spirits with the intent to celebate satanism. The world has given the devil his own day, the day before Saints Day. Halloween comes in only second to Christmas in popularity of holidays and money spent by consumers.

What do you say to that? What are we contributing to? Who’s kingdom do we represent?  What can we do?

1) Stop celebrating Halloween.

2) Teach people, especially children, the truth about Halloween.

3) Provide a positive alternative to Halloween at your house or at a local church.

4) Turn Halloween into your celebration of the victory you have over devils

because of  Christ on the Cross.

Let the kingdom come and let the will of the Lord be done in the Body of Christ!