The Invasion of The New Year

Elisha represents a prophetic presence. He is the successor to the great prophet of old, Elijah the Tishbite. Elisha carries a “double portion” anointing on his life.
He got sick and he died. The prophet who worked sixteen miracles, including raising the dead back to life, gets sick and dies. The prophetic voice was hushed. The prophetic mantle is buried. There is a prophetic absence.
The name Elisha means “God is my salvation”. Once he dies we see that the Moabites began their invasion. Whenever there is an absence of a prophetic covering in your life the enemy has an opportunity to invade. The Moabites didn’t attack until after they saw Elisha had been buried. The enemy waits for moments of prophetic vacancy.
The invasion is timed and strategic. The invasion began “at the coming in of the year”. It was not only a new calendar year, it was also a new season. This would be the time of harvest. The enemy attacks when it’s time for you and I to reap. Your hardships are all about your harvest. Are you understanding this?
As we prepare to go into a new year and a new decade we are well aware of the invasion plans of the enemy. We also have some plans of our own. We are planning for our greatest harvest yet!
We plan to pray. We plan to fast. We plan to boldly declare the Word of God out of our mouths. Our prophetic presence is necessary. Our prophetic voices will not be silenced. There is a prophetic mantle upon The House.
We are a people who operate in the spiritual and supernatural powers of supplication, intercession and declaration. We pray and say!