Dr. T.L. Lowery

Dr. T. L. Lowery is the dignified and departed apostolic patriarch of Prayer Everywhere. He is one of the most renowned Christian pioneers and leaders in the 20th and 21st centuries. Few men or women of God knew God, the Word and the work like Dr. Lowery. He was par exelis as a spiritual general, a mega church planter, an intercessor and a godly statesman throughout The Body of Christ. 

Dr. T.L. Lowery departed this life on February 21st, 2016. His mantle was passed and a new generation of apostolic ministry emerged. He is the apostolic mentor and spiritual father of Bishop Sean Teal. Dr. Lowery literally wrote the book on Apostles and Prophets: Reclaiming the Biblical Gifts. See Amazon.com / T.L. Lowery Books.

I knew who Dr. Lowery was when I was a boy preacher in Richmond, California. He was one of the most famed healing evangelists in the days of Oral Roberts, T.L. Osborn and Kathryn Kuhlman. He held tent meetings throughout the fifties. He would have 10,000 in attendance nightly for weeks at a time. Miracles marked his ministry.

I knew him as that White preacher that had thousands of Black members in Washington, DC. Nearly forty different nations and over seventy dialects. Africans, Caribbeans and African Americans loved his love and his leadership. He traveled to over 120 nations in his lifetime. 

He was building elderly and low income housing complexes, running a child care center, inner city outreach centers, schools from grade k through 12, an accredited Bible college, a five thousand seat sanctuary, media outlets, acres of ministry property, including a cemetery for members and their families.

He was a ministry novelty. He was a ministry personality. He was a ministry celebrity. He blew into rooms with an endearing greeting and an enthusiasm for whatever was happening or was about to happen. 

He always came into every effort or enterprise with the attitude that made you feel like we were going to have a great time watching God do something big. His genius and generosity was always on display.

He constantly spoke of spiritual impartation. He was one in the likeness of Elijah! In his seventies he began casting vision for the launch of The T.L. Lowery Global Ministry Foundation Center. He built it and we used it.

He was the best! I loved and served Dr. T. L. Lowery. I was loved and served by Dr. Lowery. I was his son. It will always be one of my highest honors. I am still in awe that God gave me such grace to know such greatness. I salute the man and the mantle! 

Sean Teal, Th.D.