Focused. Focus is the beginning of power. Leaders have to prioritize people and plans. Always ask, “Who deserves my time? and “What is really important?”

Accountable. Invite mentors and coaches into your life. Surround yourself with people who know you can do better. Who is asking you the tough questions about your purpose and progress?

Involved. Don’t be a bystander. Do what must be done. Roll up your sleeves and dive into the details.

Truthful. Integrity is mandatory.  Live without the fear of exposure. Don’t just tell the truth; live the truth.

Helpful. Don’t always have the need to lead. Have the heart to help. How can you assist in someone else’s success?

Fearless. Take risks. Make mistakes. Only attempt great things that require faith and the favor of God.

Understanding. Don’t be quick to judge others. Discover why people and things are the way they are. Discern your own motives and make wise choices.

Loving. Love will keep your life meaningful and powerful. Love will prevent you from moral and spiritual bankruptcy. Love never fails.