Vision in the biblical sense is more than a slogan and much more than a branding and marketing idea. Vision is a prophetic imagination stimulated by a conditional burden.  A biblical burden is not just a problem or something weighing heavily on one’s mind. A “burden” as the Jewish prophets described it is was a redemptive tension. A burden referred to what the prophet saw and could not stop. It was the revelation and reality that he was required to declare.


The only relief to the tension of a burden is a vision. A vision is God’s strategy for a burden. Your vision is to be a solution to the tension of the burden.


How do I identify my burden? Great question! Your burden is what bugs you, what bothers you and what breaks your heart. Once you locate what bugs you, bothers you and breaks your heart you have located your burden.


God will not give you a burden without also giving you a vision. Your vision will need preparation. We are told to , “Write the vision and make it plain” (Habakkuk 2:2). In preparation of your vision I want to introduce and encourage the following writing model:


1) The Vision: This will answer the question of , “What does God want us to do about this situation?”.  Vision is the action you will take as the solution to the burden. You must record what you are seeing for the future.


2) The Mission: This will answer the question of,  “Why does God want us to do this? This gets to the heart issue of motivation and drive.  Your reason for a vision should always ultimately be for the glory of God and the good of people.


3) The Strategy: This will always answer the question of,  “How are we going to get this done?”  The method of execution is vital for it must be biblical. Any vision that comes God requires divine wisdom and obedience to the Word.


4) The Implementation: This will answer the question of, “When will we launch the vision as an action plan?”  This will give your dream a deadline. There is a time ordained by God for the fruition of every vision. Timing with God is not something; it is everything!


5) The WIN: This will answer the question of, “What will be the end result of our efforts toward the vision? What glory will God get? How will this be good for people?”  The Win gives you a measurement of stewardship. It is the quality control question. You must ask, “How well have we conducted the vision the Lord has given?”


This vision model is required at Friendship Central Community Church. It is called, The Vision Summary. No ministry is launched and no leader is released to go forward with a project or event without a vision summary. See Habakkuk chapter 2 for the biblical context.