The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is understated in most churches and even pulpits. I say this as an observation, not a criticism. The evidence of the understated power of prayer is in the fact that most churches have no pastor-led prayer gatherings. Think of it. If pastors are not launching and leading prayer in local churches, what is the hope of building houses of prayer?

There is such a power in prayer that when it is released by pastors and churches the purpose of God in world affairs and families will be manifest unlike anything we have seen in human history. Our prayers can shape history and determine the future! Who believes this? Where are the houses of prayer?

Prayer is power! Prayer is enabling. Prayer is the dynamic that can rearrange any situation. People, pastors and churches that pray are infused with the supernatural. When we pray, united and anointed, we get things done!

Prayer empowers us to:

Participate in the purposes of God.
Release the purposes of God.
Affirm the purposes of God.
Yield to the purposes of God.
Embody the purposes of God.
Revive the purposes of God.