Blessing The Gathering!

Kingdom Blessings!

You haven’t had a move of God until God is moved! God was moved at The Gathering 2014. There were a people from across America that gathered in Houston Texas, March 20-22 who experienced a move of God. Praying people who are broken and open to the Spirit move the heart and hands of God. “But to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at My word” (Isaiah 66:2).

Each minute was packed with purpose. Each hour we were accomplishing and achieving the plan of God. Each day was designed by God with our destiny in mind. What the Lord does when Prayer Everywhere Partners gather is faithfully phenomenal! God is glorified! I want to mention four particularly powerful shifts in the Spirit that personally affected me while we gathered at Fellowship of Purpose Church (FOP) with our host, Pastor Byron Murray.

The first was the praise and worship ministry conducted by the Fellowship of Purpose Intercessors and the Music and Worship Ministry. The intercessors set the atmosphere an hour before worship. By 6:33pm we joined them in the sanctuary consecrating, interceding and preparing for a move of God. The holy flow, the selection of songs, the anointed and united hearts lead us with ease into the presence of the Lord. Each night the atmosphere was set by prayer and praise. Minister Dezra Nauls, Gospel recording artist, shared his ministry each night. What a anointed vessel of song!

The word shared with us by Pastor Byron Murray was assigned by God. The glory filled the house. He being sensitive to the Spirit, came to the altar and exhorted for a few minutes on Nehemiah chapter one. The deposit made by the Holy Spirit was a “burden”. What launched Nehemiah’s ministry was a burden. His call was not marked by miracles, like a burning bush; his call did not have an angelic visitation; his call did not have the hand of the Lord carry him. All Nehemiah had was a burden. Pastor Murray called us into prayer at the altar and began to prayer for the people to receive burdens, unctions and impartations for ministry. The laying on of hands, words of personal prophecy, intercessory prayer was ministered. The power of God came upon the people. Many shook, began to speak in tongues, some fell to the floor overcome by the power of God. We left that night with the Word spoken at work in us.

The simple lunch and fellowship we expected at the Golden Corral was ordained and anointed. The partners and friends of Prayer Everywhere enjoyed our fellowship. We laughed. We took pictures. We introduced ourselves. We testified. We prayed! Before we left we gathered in a circle in the room where we ate and we prayed. Senator Pat Sadler of Round Rock, Texas lead us and we touched and agreed, like we do in Prayer Everywhere. The power of God fell in Golden Corral. The room was filled with His presence. We went into a Spirit-led intercession and praise! When we were through praying, we looked around and there was woman standing outside the room with her hand on the wall weeping. A young Hispanic man then walks into the room and wants to know who we are. He tells us he’s a Christian. He said he felt the power of God. We will leave no pl;ace untouched by prayer and praying people.

Friday night the LORD lead me to preach a landmark message, especially for the partners of Prayer Everywhere. “Church Where You Are” is a word that will continue to feed and lead our ministry and its vision for some time to come. We will make the compact disc available to those who can support the ministry with a financial seed. Visit Click Donate. Be sure to note your request for the message. The word preached was accompanied with signs and wonders following. We watched God deliver a young lady from a bondage. We saw the power of God at work upon His people. Miracles happened in our midst. The Word was magnified!

The Congress of Prayer Everywhere was an incredible time of strategy and decisions about vision. It is always a blessing to meet and legislate with senators in the kingdom of God. We touched and agreed and advanced the vision in very practical and measurable means. The morning began with an delicious breakfast served with excellence by the members of FOP. The morning exhortation by Servant Maxine Rush of Edgewood, Maryland was pivotal and powerful. When you get the chance read Psalms 109. She shared with clarity the importance of canceling the desires the enemy has against your destiny through prayer. She shared that the best way to impact your haters is to pray for God to bless them. So we did. We opened the Congress repenting of unforgiveness, forgiving old offenses, releasing any bitterness and interceding for the blessing of those who seek us hurt and wish us harm. It was stirring and unsettling at some moments. We travailed and wept before God. It was a move of God. We were anointed with the love of God, again anew.

I could go on and on about what impacted me at The Gathering 2014 (Southwest). God did so much I just can’t tell it all. My thanks continues to go to Pastor Murray for his leadership. He set a new standard for partnering pastors. The commitment of FOP to serve and help the vision of Prayer Everywhere is astounding. May God richly reward your faithfulness to prayer!

My greatest thanks and appreciation goes to the Partners of Prayer Everywhere for the faithful prayers and support you bring to the vision, mission and passion of Prayer Everywhere. The Dream Team, as always, made the difference! Pastor Napoleon Butler of Brunswick, Georgia, our special thanks goes to you for your sonship and partnership! It is a high honor and divine favor to love and lead a people of purpose, praise and prayer from across this nation and around this world. We are connected by something greater than a cause. We are connected by the Christ of Calvary’s Cross! Our being together matters more than we know! Our ministry is shaping destinies and human history!

God Loves You and so do I!

Bishop Sean Teal