Prayer Dreams

The Prayer Everywhere Dream

It is the dream of transforming lives by demonstrating the love of Jesus and the power of prayer around the world.

It is the dream of a movement where people of all nations, ages and backgrounds can receive unconditional love, enjoy genuine fellowship, build godly social networks and discover personal destiny through united, anointed prayer.

It is the dream of the “Prayer Palace”, a world prayer center equipped to host global gatherings for thousands of intercessors from around the world for training, networking and corporate prayer. It will be a spacious and serene atmosphere that engenders spiritual reflection and meditation. It will have an opulent oasis-style with palatial landscaping.

It is the dream of inspiring “Prayer Everywhere”. Thousands around the world will join our prayer passion and strategy. We will identify, certify, impart, network and deploy no less than seven thousand intercessors to cover the earth in prayer.

It is the dream of winning thousands to faith in Jesus Christ and bringing them into the movement of prayer; enjoying, encouraging and empowering one another as we pursue a Kingdom agenda.

It is the dream of evangelizing and empowering young people with relevant and radical gospel ministries with contemporary facilities that are conducive to education, intercession, recreation and relaxation.

It is the dream of owning and operating dozens of properties around the world as prayer outreach centers to host and train native pastors and church leaders who are committed to corporate prayer, winning the lost and eradicating illiteracy.

The Trump Transgression

 Immigration Worse Than Abortion In America

Oakland, CA – Don’t believe the hype! The Trump Transgression continues to implement  what the President calls, a “zero tolerance”. A zero tolerance policy is the tag and title of the policy that began separating children from parents to start with. What is different now? The Trump Transgression’s Executive Order is to silence critics and to allow the evil to continue quietly.

American Evangelicals have their epic evil. They have voted and it is – abortion! What could be worse than snuffing out a divine life unconscious, purposeful and innocent? I got one: It is the breaking of their souls deliberately, callously and maliciously once they are born, held, loved and made conscious of being purposeful and innocent.

Abortion is the murder of unconscious, purposeful innocence. I believe in prenatal purpose. I believe in life at conception. I have read the Jewish Scriptures and Prophets. “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee” (Jeremiah 1).  May we read that together again? What it says is – Jehovah knew Jeremiah; it does not purport that Jeremiah knew Jehovah.

The Trump Administration touts its conservative credentials. Evangelicals believe that President Donald Trump is “pro-life”. Now of course “pro-life” can have a very rigid, narrow and conservative meaning and application. “Pro-life” for far too many only means you are politically against abortion.

I think the ‘pro-life” label should have to include being  a helper and a hero for child-refugees that are unparented, undocumented, unprotected, unprovided for; on the run from they homes, and in a place with a foreign language. “Pro-Life” should have to care about the life of the born not just the unborn, the conscious not just the unconscious.

Children are being forcibly separated from their mothers, caged with other children on cement floors, made to sleep on quarter inch thick mats with aluminum coverings for blankets. It is the president’s prerogative to capriciously, systemically and aggressively break the souls of children and dismantle the dreams of families. This is the Trump Transgression. It is a familiar spirit.

His preferences, his predilections, his policies, and his personality toward immigrants and their children is  too much against all we know to be right and merciful. This detaining of families and separating them as a deterrent for other would-be immigrants is wrong and mean-spirited. Attorney General Sessions is wrong. The Trump Transgression is not endorsed by the Apostle Paul. It is not Christian. It is not American. This one is too easy, “What would Jesus do?”

There are detention centers (four identified in Texas) for “tender-aged” children. The Trump Transgression is not only incessantly incarcerating immigrant toddlers and children, moreover, the children are restricted from touch. The government workers are directed not to touch the children except in the case of emergency.

It is the Trump Administration’s policy to not touch the refugeed children. The workers for ICE and the HHS are prohibited from tactile expressions or communication with the children. If the children cry; if the children are anxious; if the children are confused; if the children are sleepy; they are not to be touched.

This is why the American Association of Pediatricians has gone into full advocacy on behalf of the children of immigrants. From the time a child is born to three years old is a crucial time for the brain in emotive characteristics and cognition development. Again, there are other peak ages (5, 7, 12, 16) that transition a child through their teens and can have great impact on how they evaluate themselves and engage others. Children need early and many interactions that communicate love, acceptance, and information about their potential. The lapses in their development in this time of their young lives and in their peak years is unconscionable and perhaps irreparable.

The disciples were about to break some young souls and discourage a generation of parents. The earliest Gospel records this of Jesus, ” One day some parents brought their children to Jesus so he could touch and bless them. But the disciples scolded the parents for bothering him…. Then he took the children in his arms and placed his hands on their heads and blessed them” (Mark 10:13, 16).

Do you think that God could use the Trump Administration and the American nation to do that?  Could we actually lift up someone else’s child and bless them? If they, if we, did do something as radical as what Jesus did for those children, what could happen? What will we do with the children these parents bring?

We are brought back. We are brought back, not to a wall; not to a White House, but to a cross. The Cross says, “God loves; God reaches; God redeems!” The Cross of Christ mandates our intercession and mission. Our love and prayers are for these children and their families. What is our good news to an immigrant? They are caught up in an act of imprudent political petulance or in a device of despotic demonic design. Let’s PRAY!

National Prayer Call on Thursday, June 21 @ 6:33am (EST/ PST). The Partners of Prayer Everywhere will dedicate the NPC to intercession for the government, righteousness in nations and blessings upon generations.


The Art of Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is real! There is a real spiritual entity commonly called the devil or satan. The enemy of our souls is right now planning, plotting, scheming and sabotaging against the child of God. Every attack of the enemy is in order to oppose the purpose of God. God has put His purpose in His people. We are “called according to His purpose”.  The barbs and bombs, the bullets and ballistics may seem personal, but they are not ; they are spiritual and this is warfare.

And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel  

(First Chronicles 21:1). 

There are some salient truths concerning the art of spiritual warfare that come out of this one verse that I am impressed upon by the Holy Spirit to share with you.

  1. Satan is anti-Christ. The word “satan” means to oppose and to resist. He is the arch adversary of those anointed by God.  
  2. The opposition of satan is not against God; it is against God’s people. God cannot be opposed by the devil. God cannot be resisted by demonic powers. All power belongs to God. Demons are subject to the name of Jesus.
  3. To “stand up” means to make a stand and to hold one’s ground. Whatever authority or territory that is currently under the influence of the demonic will not be readily or easily relinquished by the enemy. It will require personal battles and prayerful victories. 

  4. When the enemy attacks God’s people he first assails their leader. God-called leaders are always under pressure. True spiritual leaders are constantly being “provoked”. Israel was the target. David would be the trigger. The word provoked in this Hebrew text has the meaning of inciting and instigating. The enemy incited and instigated a disobedience in David.

  5.  What the enemy wanted in his opposition against Israel and in his provocation of David was to bring a holy nation into doubt, disobedience and deception. The act of numbering the people was an insult to an Almighty God. Would David trust God for the victory? Would he obey God even when it seemed unreasonable and unwise? Would he dare trust any other plan but God’s? David counted. He took a census and sinned. God would have none of it. God loves to be trusted. He will judge the high crime of unbelief.

The Gathering 2018

Bishop Sean Teal and the Partners of Prayer Everywhere 

The Gathering 2018.

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The Gathering will be held October 11th through 14th

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