An Open Letter to President Obama

Honorable Mr. Obama,

Today it is being announced throughout  media outlets that your evolution concerning marriage equality for gays has come to an end. You have officially endorsed what is commonly called “gay marriage”. I take exception to the term, nonetheless for clarity in this correspondence I use it.

The Bible teaches, “Righteousness exalts a nation; but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). To redefine marriage or the basis of family life in a context other than husband (man) and wife (woman) is to undermine what is a sacred institution, created and ordained by God.  How can two men or two women naturally procreate? Doesn’t that give hint to God’s bigger plans for the family and planet Earth?

The idea that civil unions for gays do not go far enough flies in the face of reason. If rights are sought, let us dole out rights. This is not about rights. Civil unions give rights! This is about nationalizing an agenda. In a pluralistic society all persons should have  human rights, but not the right to moral redefinition.

Mr. President, respectfully, regardless of your devolution, the Word of God has not evolved. God’s idea is still the best idea; one man, one woman, one lifetime.  Marriage as defined by Christians must remain between a man and a woman.

The Power of The Spoken Word

Acts 14:1-18

Proposition: God’s Word spoken is God’s power released. God’s Word is “spirit and life” (John 6:63).

Exposition:  The Spoken Word produces supernatural results because:

1) The Spoken Word presents a supernatural strategy (vs. 1).  The Spoken Word is where God begins (Genesis 1). Faith is the starting point in our journey with God (Romans 10:17).

2) The Spoken Word proclaims a supernatural energy (vs. 3). The Spoken Word is the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3). The Word is filled with signs and wonders. Speaking the Word releases the power for the miraculous.

3) The Spoken Word provides a supernatural ministry (vs. 8-10). The healing of the crippled reveals ministry by the strategy and energy of The Sp0ken Word (vs. 8-10). The Spoken Word produced the faith to be healed. The Spoken Word released the power to be healed. This is ministry!

Application: Speak the Word to every situation and in every situation.

God Happens

These are exhortations from The Book of Acts series from the “50 Days of Power”.

Acts 13;14-43

Proposition: God is active in history and your story. God is about to “but” into your life. (vs. 30)

Exposition: Paul preaches from a theological proposition and prism. This preachment of Paul was designed to herald the acts of God. Great preaching inspires a better understanding of God.

The acts of God were never more on display than at the empty tomb (vs. 30). Seven times in the context of this chapter the Apostle Paul uses the word, “raised” (vs. 22,23,30,33,34,37,50). He refers to the Resurrection.  The Resurrection is the premier act of God that has made salvation, the forgiveness of sins and eternal life possible. The Resurrection vindicates and confirms the purpose and power of the Cross.

Paul preaches that God is active in history and happens in your story. God happens the following ways according to the Apostle Paul:

1) God chose (vs. 17).

2) God exalted (vs. 17).

3) God brought (vs. 17).

4) God suffered (vs. 18).

5) God destroyed (vs. 19).

6) God divided (vs. 19).

7) God gave (vs. 20-21).

8) God removed (vs. 22).

9) God gave testimony (vs. 22).

10) God fulfilled (vs. 33).

11) God begat (vs. 33).

12) God said/saith (vs.34-35).

Application: We should invite and expect God to be active in our situations. God is activating changes in your life.