The World Prayer Congress Is A Success

Oakland, CA – Today, October 29th, 2022 Partners of Prayer Everywhere International, a missions and prayer movement with outreaches in America, Africa and Asia, met virtually (Zoom) for the first day of “The World Prayer Congress” (WPC). If you entered early into the Zoom through the registration process you were met with praise and worship by international worship leader, Nathaniel Bassey (Nigeria, Africa). The opening song, “Emmanuel” is an invocation psalm that draws you in with its repetitive lyrics, African beats, pitch perfect vocals and powerful lyrics bringing you out of the song with a closing trumpet solo.

The Lead Intercessor for The World Prayer Congress was Minister Patricia Sadler (Southfield, Michigan). Her greetings moved quickly into her praises for The World Prayer Congress. Not soon after that a rapturous flow of tongues mixed with declarations of the Word effortlessly flowing from one phrase of prayer to the next. Finally, closing with an exultant gladness that brings this prayer to a crescendo that sets the atmosphere with expectation.

The moderators for the WPC were Servants Brenda Gibbs (Waldorf, Maryland), Kathy Wells (Baltimore,Maryland) and Carolyn Jacob (Berkeley, California). These three are considered the “archetypes” for moderating and directing the social platforms and partner events for Prayer Everywhere International. The camaraderie and flow between the three was flawless with a professional grade of spiritual service. The important improvisations and obvious impact of the moderators on the day’s proceedings should not understated or under-appreciated.

The sessions offered at this WPC were laser-focused on instructing the principles of intercessory prayer and “imparting” the passion for intercession. The theme of the WPC, “Three Dimensions of Intercession” was emphasized by three plenary speakers, Pastor Tanya Aminisha Smith (San Francisco, CA) ; Apostle Dr. Garmi Hill (Winston-Salem, NC) ; Elder James Calhoun (Oakland, CA). Each plenary speaker consecutively focused on a different dimension of intercession – the family intercessor, the national intercessor and the international intercessory. Each speaker was precise, passionate, prepared and pointed. The substance and styles of all speakers was substantive and effective. It was an anointed harmony of thunder and lighting, learning and burning, instruction and inspiration.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Dana Elaine (Baltimore, MD). She thoughtfully blended the theme and its prophetic text, Ezekiel 14:14-20 with an exegetical expertise and personal applications that pressed every hearer into considering the question, “When God considers intercessors does He consider you?”. She made the point early that when one enters into intercession they don’t have to bring God information about the situation. Intercession at its best influences God, invokes God and inquires of God. The message was soaked in prayer and taught under the unction of the Holy Spirit. No more was this made obvious than when Dr. Dana gave the delegates rare insights into the intercessory ministries of intercessory icons, Noah, Daniel and Job.

The corporate prayer time of the partners was one of the most powerful moments. The visionary and convener Bishop Sean Teal (Oakland, California) called upon all partners to open their lines and turn on their cameras. He assured the partners that he was being inspired by the Holy Spirit in light of appeals and announcements he had planned and were expected on the program. He asked them to pray for seven minutes encouraging them to consider Jeremiah 29:11. They then went into prayer. 15 minutes later Bishop Teal began calling the prayer to an end, while praise and worship entered into the background of an united and unctioned trail of prayers still being heard calling on God and giving Him praise. Lifted hands, tears, travailing groans and exultant shouts came across and into the platform.

Forty-eight persons attended. The seminars and session lasted approximately 3.5 hours. Over 60 registered from America, Africa and Asia. The WPC seminars and sessions will be offered on The House Network on YouTube for subscribers. The House of Prayer Media Team hostess, Servant Kimberly McCarther (Fairfield, California) provided much needed assistance to every administrative task in preparation for recording along with contacting partners and confirming participants.

“The World Prayer Congress is a success!” is the sentiment and approval of its visionary, Bishop Sean Teal. Every success is a prayer success. He believes today he witnessed a “wonder of intercessors”. He is confident that The WPC of 2022 was a “ground-breaking and life changing gathering!”.

The World Prayer Congress adjourns Sunday, October 30th on The House Telecast. See House of Prayer Everywhere / Facebook for times and schedule. Bishop Sean Teal and Pastor John Fololukeh, Director of Prayer Everywhere Africa. (Monrovia, Liberia) will address delegates.



One thought on “The World Prayer Congress Is A Success

  1. carolyn jacob says:

    Glory to God for this anointed day of instruction, impartation, intercession. What a great experience to behold and participate! I’ve been edified, encouraged the more about intercession, and my prayer life. We gained some very needed, and useful tools from the Word of God! Hallelujah to our Visionary, Bishop Sean Teal! Mighty man of God!

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