The Gathering and Beyond!

Most Precious Partner,

You are being mightily used of God to build and support a prayer reformation! You are a “pillar in the temple of our God”! We have been connected and anointed for a global and eternal destiny. What God has spoken to one, God has spoken to us all – take prayer everywhere! We will leave no place untouched by prayer or praying people.

Who are we to be trusted with the largess of such a vision? Who are we to be the ones called to lead a prayer remnant in the last days of the earth? Who are we that God would honor us and connect us to Christ and His ministry of intercession? We are the redeemed who have said to God, “Yes!” when He says, “Call unto me…” (Jeremiah 33:3). Our “Yes!” is a gift from God for the glory of God.

I appreciate the Holy Spirit more than any other person in the world! He is everything to me! My life, my identity, my destiny, my ability, the ministry and eternity are all dependent on my relationship with the Holy Spirit. Coming into The Gathering, we truly sought one thing – the Presence of God manifesting the power of the Holy Spirit! God answers our prayers!

Lady Stephanie, those who served on The Gathering Task Force, Intercessors Ministry Team, The Dream Team, Prayer Everywhere Helpers, The Aspire Group, Friendship Central Community Church, Hilton Hotel and The Steve Parker Radio Show truly partnered with Prayer Everywhere! God made them all difference-makers!

The musical leadership by, my son in the faith, Minister Monty Billingsley and The Gathering Band was anointed in every atmosphere and in every assembly. The psalmists every night attracted the presence of God. The partners are singers and worshippers.

Sister Demeda Jo closed us in song at The Lord’s Supper. What a powerful moment and message! Minister Torey Campbell helped us lift the Name and press the praise! We worshipped on one accord. No resistance. No rebellion. No reservations. Wide open worship, in Spirit and in truth. The Gathering has never ascended into corporate worship as we experienced in Atlanta, GA. God did us a favor!

Our great thanks goes to all who helped usher in the presence of the LORD through praise and worship! Psalmist Kimberly Thomas, who knows the heart of God and is always sensitive in her worship to the desires of the Holy Spirit opened The Gathering and set the tone for the weekend of worship.

Psalmist Tracci Collins laid all her worship on the altar and lead us all into the heart of worship. What a testimony and anointing upon her life! We were further blessed by the Calvary Assembly Praise Team. What a gift to have the nations praising together at The Gathering! We could not stop worshipping!

The ministry of The Word is more than I can describe. The richness and realness in the Word and those who preached it came across with power and conviction. Every word preached was a weighty word. We were healed and made hopeful with the word through Pastor Byron Murray. We were confronted and comforted by the word through Dr. Dana Neal. We were called and challenged under Bishop Julius Muwanguzi (Kampala, Uganda). The Word was at work in us and among us.

I have spent the last few days hunting for words that would in some way reflect what the LORD is doing beyond The Gathering. There is a “sound of faith” coming out of The Gathering. Thank you Elder Ty Carter! It is the “sound of an abundance of rain”. Thank you Pastor Ciby!  

We are about to launch the most creative and innovative portals and paradigms that have ever been applied to prayer. I marvel at how God has called this cloud (The Gathering), though. “the size of a man’s hand”, to begin the deluge of his purpose through praying people.

Thank you for your prayerful and financial support! You are helping us expand and expose the vision, mission and passion of Prayer Everywhere. Visit us at

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Prayer Everywhere Partners and Friend,

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The Gathering 2015, October 22-25th with Bishop Sean Teal and the Partners of Prayer Everywhere in Atlanta Georgia can be viewed LIVE on Periscope or through your Twitter account.  First LIVE streaming 8:00pm (EST), Thursday, October 22nd.  Steve Parker of The Steven Parker Radio Show will be the Conference Correspondent.  Stay tuned for additional times and streaming schedule.

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