Gathering in Baltimore

Kingdom Greetings!

Dear Partners and Friends,

After much prayer The Lord has equipped us with a vision to gather in Baltimore for the empowerment of the saints as we unite in prayer for the peace of our cities. We are specifically called to leave a blessing in Baltimore. Our theme is, “Kingdom Strategies for City Victories”.

The Lord has shown me a powerful group of us coming together. Our purpose will be to empower, equip and encourage our partners and all present to return home committed to launch and/or lead a House of Prayer Everywhere, a prayer-based community outreach. You will be able to effectively make the case to pastors and church leaders why city-wide prayer, house to house, is essential for church health and growth.

I truly believe you are a “difference-maker”. You need to be with us in Baltimore! God has given me a word for you and your city. Pray and prepare to be with us. Determine to gather with us and do not doubt your destiny.

Prayer Everywhere Pastors, Charles and Dana Neal will be our hosts @

Triumph Christian Church
2200 E. Oliver Street, Baltimore MD. 21213
Bishop Pompey Swann
October 10-12, 2013
Thursday – Friday @ 6:33pm
Saturday @ 9:00am

Welcome To New Hope!

“There is nothing more important as it concerns the future of our church family than to create a healthy atmosphere for the birth and growth of spiritual babes and new members.”

Prayer, Generosity and Evangelism (P.G. & E.) empower our purpose in Christ and through life. When we are praying, giving, and soul winning we are growing. We are growing spiritually. We are growing financially. We are growing numerically. Our goal is to grow!

Jesus says something in John 15:16 that sums up in my mind the profound importance of creating a positive atmosphere for the new converts and new members. “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you”.

Jesus says to every disciple that the reason we were eternally and graciously chosen by Him was for the purpose of fruitfulness. The idea of being fruitful is specifically attached to the winning of souls. Winning souls in the mind of Jesus included at least three things: 1) Going. 2) Bringing. 3) Keeping.

We are to go out into the world and in the daily activities of our lives seek to win the lost to Christ. Once we have lead them to Christ, we are to bring them to Church. Once we have brought them into the congregation we are to keep them growing in the things of the Kingdom. Jesus says this is “fruit that should remain”.

Going out, bringing them in and helping them stay is our strategy for new converts and new members. We need your help to win! It is not a win for us until or unless your fruit remains.

So every effort must be put forth to welcome, accept, affirm and love those who are new at New Hope. We will only have the chance to impact-fully minister and bless those who remain. Our love for one another. Our respect of each other. Our care of one another is the atmosphere we must share with new converts and new members.

We must be intentional and on purpose. So I am asking you to follow my lead. When you encounter someone you don’t know in the sanctuary do the following:

1) Smile at them!

2) Welcome them to the New Hope Family!

3) Introduce yourself!

4) Be helpful!

5) Treat them like you want to keep them!

Remember, our future is new!

Praying and Remaining,