Thanks and Tribute To Dr. T. L. Lowery

Twelve is the number of God’s government . It represents the kingdom of God and how God structures His rule. There were twelve tribes that formed the nation. There were twelve apostles who gave form to the Church. The number twelve is also then, the apostolic number.

Dr. T. L. Lowery is a modern apostle. I was a “Timothy” to Dr. Lowery. He was my apostolic guide and my spiritual covering. His life and legacy have marked me first as a man and then as a minister. He was not my source of sermonic inspiration. He was more than a “mentor”. He was a father!

He blazed trails for others in ministry. He found paths in the Spirit before others did. He always dared to go first. Healing crusades in the 1950’s;  in the 1960’s leading a new wave of Pentecostal church growth; in the 1970’s  renewing the passion for evangelism; in the 1980’s building an international church in the nation’s capital; in the 1990’s becoming one of the most respected global spiritual leaders;  in the 2000’s leading and fathering some of the most visible ministries and spiritual events in the world.

Let me give you twelve life lessons that I learned from Dr. Lowery: 

  1. Make sure your wife knows where you are and what you are doing.
  2. Live a consistent commitment to God for your children.
  3. Spend hours in prayer alone with God.
  4. Fast and pray before you make any major decisions.
  5. Submit your ministry to authority for personal accountability.
  6. Impart spiritual gifts into the next generation of spiritual leaders.
  7. Don’t be afraid to start small or to start over.
  8. Expect miracles and the supernatural to follow your life.
  9. Treat everyone like a very important person.
  10. Write down what God is speaking to you.
  11. Keep your passport updated.
  12. Learn to drink and like black coffee.