Oakland Prays and Hopes

The priority of the Ghost Ship Prayer Vigil is to offer the hope of Jesus Christ through prayer, generosity and evangelism.

6:00pm – 7:00pm

Enter and Gather (Lovingly and Quietly)

Personal Consecration and Meditations.

7:00pm -8:00pm

The Power of Hope  (Isaiah 61:1-7)

Sacred Songs

Sacred Scripture (Psalms 145:8-18)

The Prayers of Hope

“Help Us Holy Spirit” (Romans 8:22-28)

“Comfort Us Holy Spirit” (John 14:14-18; 27)

“Unite Us Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:1-7)

The Proclamations of Hope  

“We believe in rebuilding the city” (Jeremiah 29:7)

“We believe in reclaiming the future (Jeremiah 29:11)

“We believe in restoring hope” (Jeremiah 29:12-15).

8:00 – 8:36pm

The Promises of Hope

36 Souls and Scriptures

The Privilege of Hope

Seekers and Salvation

Small Group Prayers


The Plan of Hope – A Resolution of Prayer Convictions




God is Doing The Gathering!

We are 30 Days Away! October 6th -9th, 2016 will be days of divine destiny!  The precious Partners of Prayer Everywhere are assembling in Oakland, California for The Gathering. The Gathering is the ninth annual convening for the “Reunion and Revival” of Prayer Everywhere. It is always anointed, supernatural and life-changing!

For the last two weeks the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me and teaching me about the “remnant assignment”. I encourage you to join me on the National Prayer Call for the newest exhortation series. I will launch Wednesday, September 7th @ 6:33am. The Holy Spirit has given me an insight into the ancient prophecies of Zechariah that are modern indicators and instructions for the “Remnant”. You must hear these teachings! You need to know your role in God’s end-time remnant!  (712) 432-6112. PIN: 100417#.

The Gathering is a remnant assignment. As much as I want all believers to experience The Gathering; I know in my heart that it is not for everybody. I urge you to seek the LORD concerning attending The Gathering. The Gathering is not “churchy”, religious, traditional or predictable. The Gathering is spiritual, energetic, spontaneous and most of all, on one accord. The synergy and symphony we share in the Spirit, in the worship and in our fellowship is an “Upper Room” experience. The Gathering expects and anticipates amazing moments with God and supernatural visitations of the Holy Ghost.

The Gathering is for a remnant that is ready to receive their assignment. The Gathering is an uncommon assembly of extraordinarily passionate, Spirit-filled believers who want their next level of anointing. God is calling a people together who have an end-time, last days assignment. If you want to be a part of a “remnant” that will change the world join The Gathering.


The 29/7 Prayer Project

The 29/7 Prayer Project29_7 Banner 1

Bishop Sean Teal, Visionary


The 29/7 Prayer Project is based on Jeremiah 29:7, “And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.”

Shake Cities!  Reach over 100 cities in prayer!!  Join the Movement! 

The Vision: To create and coordinate an initiative dedicated to fostering and facilitating daily intercessory, city-scoped prayer.

The Mission: To introduce the will of God into Bay Area cities and their vicinities through targeted and coordinated intercessory prayer.

The Strategy:

  • To set “29/7 Prayer Targets” for cities: Arts, Business, Church, Education, Family, Government/Crime, Media.
  • To cast vision and invite pastors, intercessors, partners and churches to become “29/7 Prayer Partners”.
  • To encourage 29/7 Prayer Partners to identify and partner with others that can pray together for their city using the 29/7 Prayer Targets.
  • To encourage pastors and churches to contact the most highly profiled community and civic leaders of your city to request their input on your city’s most pressing needs and concerns.
  • 29/7 Prayer Partners and Churches will be asked to compile and track baseline statistics on their cities related to the 29/7 Prayer Targets. (Example:tracking cultural metrics such as divorce filings, unemployment rate, crime, truancy and suicide rates.)
  • 29/7 City Survey forms are available through The Office of The Bishop. Forward requests or completed forms to prayerproject297@gmail.com. Please feel free to make copies as needed.
  • 29/7 Prayer Partners will give no less than 29 minutes to intercessory prayer 7 days a week. See 29/7 Prayer Model.
  • 29/7 Prayer Partners are asked to sow a $29.00 seed faith gift to their local churches missions fund.  
  • On the twenty-ninth day for seven months (2016) the 29/7 Prayer Partners will gather on the National Prayer Call (712) 432-6112. PIN: 100417# at 6:33am (PST).
  • Friday, January 29th; Monday, February 29th; Tuesday, March 29th; Friday, April 29th; Sunday, May 29th; Wednesday, June 29th; Friday, July 29th. The 29/7 Prayer Call will celebrate successes, offer feedback, give testimonies and feature prayers for our cities.
  • To consecrate the 29th day of every month as the Day of The F.A.S.T. (Focused Anointed Service and Triumph!). An absolute food fast from 6:33pm – 6:33am. Water only! (See Isaiah 58 for prayer and fasting targets).
  • 29/7 Prayer Partners should invite community and civic leaders to participate in additional inputs and updates every 60 days. The vision for city-wide intercession is to be reviewed every 29 days.
  • To certify and celebrate the 29/7 Prayer Partners who participated in the launch from January 1- 29, 2016.

The Implementation: January 1st – 28th, 2016. New Hope Prayer Call (6:33pm PST). (712) 432-6333. PIN: 259999#. Friday, January 29th (6:33pm PST) to Saturday, January 30th (11:33pm PST)  29/7 Prayer Marathon. 29 HOURS! (712) 432-6112. PIN: 100417#.
The Win: Measurable and positive results in cities and vicinities that are being targeted in prayer.