City -Wide Intercessors

Dear Intercessors,
Thank you for standing in the gap for The Gathering! The prayers you are praying and the praises that you are giving to God are preparing the atmosphere and the anointing for October 6th through October 9th. The warfare and the wounds are worth it! We are more than overcomers!
We want to pray for all the cities represented in The Gathering. We will also be targeting seven cities that the Spirit has unctioned in my prayer time. There are “bands of wickedness” in these cities. We fast and prayer to break the bands! See Isaiah 58:8-12.
  1. Brooklyn, New York – Teenage Pregnancy
  2. Washington, DC – Political Corruption/Bribery
  3. Baltimore, Maryland – Drug/Gang Violence
  4. Atlanta, Georgia – Homosexuality/HIV
  5. Chicago, Illinois – Fatherlessness and Truancy
  6. Charlotte, North Carolina – Racism and Injustice
  7. San Diego, California – Loneliness and Lesbianism
Again, thank you for standing with us in prayer!

The Gathering is Coming!

Bishop Sean Teal and the Partners of Prayer Everywhere


October 6th, 6:33pm – October 9th, 10:00am


Our goal is to gather some of the most passionate believers, intercessors and prayer warriors for a time of partnership, networking, impartation and spiritual renewal.


Please dress comfortably. We will be t-shirt and jeans casual on Saturday for the Prayer Walk and Partners Luncheon. Prayer Everywhere t-shirts should be ordered. Send your order to  Professional casual is appropriate for evening worship (6:33pm). Sunday worship at 10:00am the Partners and Prayer Everywhere will wear white for Holy Communion.


Intercessors begin “Setting the Atmosphere” @ 6:33pm. The sanctuary is to be entered prayerfully. No conversations. Only consecration. Upon entering the sanctuary come to the altar and kneel or sit in the front pew and spend time in prayer. Read Psalm 145 out loud. Follow the directions of the lead intercessor. Press in and pray!



From 9am – 12pm, October 7th and 8th Bishop Teal will lead the strategy sessions. Ladies Luncheon is Friday @ 12:30pm. Men’s Prayer Breakfast is Saturday, October 8th at 8:00am. Partner’s Luncheon is Saturday @ 1:00pm. School of Prayer Sunday @ 9:00am.

Evening Worship  (FREE ADMISSION)

October 6th, 7th and 8th @ 6:33pm . New Hope Baptist Church 892 36th Street, Emeryville/Oakland  (510) 654-3013.

God is Doing The Gathering!

We are 30 Days Away! October 6th -9th, 2016 will be days of divine destiny!  The precious Partners of Prayer Everywhere are assembling in Oakland, California for The Gathering. The Gathering is the ninth annual convening for the “Reunion and Revival” of Prayer Everywhere. It is always anointed, supernatural and life-changing!

For the last two weeks the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me and teaching me about the “remnant assignment”. I encourage you to join me on the National Prayer Call for the newest exhortation series. I will launch Wednesday, September 7th @ 6:33am. The Holy Spirit has given me an insight into the ancient prophecies of Zechariah that are modern indicators and instructions for the “Remnant”. You must hear these teachings! You need to know your role in God’s end-time remnant!  (712) 432-6112. PIN: 100417#.

The Gathering is a remnant assignment. As much as I want all believers to experience The Gathering; I know in my heart that it is not for everybody. I urge you to seek the LORD concerning attending The Gathering. The Gathering is not “churchy”, religious, traditional or predictable. The Gathering is spiritual, energetic, spontaneous and most of all, on one accord. The synergy and symphony we share in the Spirit, in the worship and in our fellowship is an “Upper Room” experience. The Gathering expects and anticipates amazing moments with God and supernatural visitations of the Holy Ghost.

The Gathering is for a remnant that is ready to receive their assignment. The Gathering is an uncommon assembly of extraordinarily passionate, Spirit-filled believers who want their next level of anointing. God is calling a people together who have an end-time, last days assignment. If you want to be a part of a “remnant” that will change the world join The Gathering.