The Christmas Cluster

The Christmas Cluster (Matthew 2:1-12)

The “Wise Men” are a “cluster” (Isaiah 65:8). These men are unlike any others. They are a remnant of God-chasers! They are forever connected by their journey and experience with Christ. They arrive ready to experience God in a new and fresh way. They bring blessings when they enter the presence of Jesus.

Clusters are made of seekers; those seeking for an authentic Jesus. They are worshippers; those who worship in the house of Jesus. They are givers; those who give to support the household of Jesus.

These Persian princes, philosophers and physicists came a long way to see the “young child”.

They came by faith. Faith is the journey of any and every who want to experience what God is doing in the now. Faith is a journey and a destiny. Faith is a marathon. Faith is going the distance. Faith is moving ahead because you trust God to lead you where He wants to bless you.

They came by faith to worship. Believers are always worshippers. “They fell down and worshipped”. Worship is where we discover the value of God and all that He has done for us. Worship is how we let God know our estimation and valuation of Him. Worship is a humility of heart. Worship is a “face to the floor” attitude before an Almighty God.

They came by faith to worship and to give. Believers are worshippers and worshippers are givers. This is wisdom at work! They “opened their treasures”. How many treasures are set before Jesus but are never opened? Gifted givers, but the money is still in the bank. Gifted teachers, but don’t help with children’s literacy. Gifted administrators, but don’t help lead ministries into a greater place of excellence. When will you open your treasures?

New Times @ New Hope

Why are we moving to a new Sunday schedule?

  • WORD and Worship. It provides the best setting for live streaming.
  • Opportunity. It gives members a better chance to know each other.
  • Respect. It respects the time constraints of our elderly and families.
  • Sunday School. It prioritizes the attendance of all members.
  • Harmony. It brings greater unity and better synergy to the worship.
  • Involvement. It helps recruit and build stronger sanctuary ministries.
  • Prayer. It allows us more members praying in one place at one time.