The Mystery of the 100 Fold

Kingdom Greetings!

I am blessing and praising God for you and the partners of Prayer Everywhere! The Lord is answering prayer and working wonders among us. We are experiencing exponential growth. Every week thousands of souls from dozens of cities around the world are being touched by your partnership and prayers. Whether they are calling into the National Prayer Call, listening to the School of Prayer on the Air, logging onto the website, listening to the NPC replays, interacting by Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or receiving a subscription of the PE blog it happens because you have prayer and the purpose of God in your heart.

Please note the attached presentation. It is entitled, “Hundred Fold Favor”. September 22nd, 2014 is the 265th day of the year. It marks 100 days before the close of 2014. The Lord has instructed and inspired me to dare believe Him that He can and will do better at the end of this year than He has at the beginning. In the last 100 days of the year we are believing God to Multiply, Maximize and Manifest Favor!

The Lord has shown me partners who are holding on to promises that seem to have expired. There are many believers who are struggling to get ahead, make progress or just breakthrough. There are too many of God’s people struggling from paycheck to paycheck. So many wearied by waiting for something, anything to happen that will change their fortune. I grieved and sorrowed in prayer. The Lord stood me up on my feet and gave me these instructions – “Do not let My people be held by this stronghold any longer, “Call for a seed. Declare My promises. Pray for Hundredfold!”

The “Hundred Fold Favor” E-Booklet is available NOW! This booklet will explain the spiritual significance of the number 100. It will teach the “mystery of the hundredfold harvest”. It will give you 100 Scripture Promises for your daily meditation and declarations. In each of those promises there is one word bolded that will give you the theme of the Scripture and the power word of the day. That gives you 100 words that you can put into your consciousness and conversations. Your language will change your life!

Request “Hundred Fold Favor” at Also, be one of the partners and friends of Prayer Everywhere that will vow and sow no less than a dollar a day during the 100 Days of The Hundred Fold. Believe God that during the 100 days you are going to receive the $100 seed that you need. During the 100 Days of Hundred Fold Favor you will sow that seed faith gift into Prayer Everywhere. Your seed sown, the promises of God daily declared and your prayers for miracles, more and maximum will produce a supernatural hundredfold harvest of favor and finances. This is the word of our faith!

We are now featuring a 12 minute special “Vision-Casting Call” on the NPC Replay @ (832) 551-5950. PIN: 118129#. Replay 100100#. Go to You may vow and/or sow your seed faith gift for your hundredfold harvest. God will give you the seed you need for the harvest He wants you to have! Your seed sown makes your harvest happen!

I am standing with you and your family in prayer. May you see the favor of God explode and expand upon your life. May that grace that enriches the believer bring you into your inheritance and belong to your children and children’s children!

September 22nd. 100 days left in the year of 2014.

Share this blog with all our partners and the friends of Prayer Everywhere.

With All Agape,

Bishop Sean Teal
Visionary, Prayer Everywhere

The Christian’s Creed From A-Z

Agree with me. Say it LOUD! : “I live anointed, blessed and covered by Christ! I have destiny, eternity and favor from Christ. I claim grace, healing and inheritance in Christ. I am justified, known and loved of Christ. I receive miracles, newness and opportunities because of Christ. I bring problems, quandaries, refusals and schemes under Christ. I declare truth, understanding and vision for Christ. I carry the Word, the yoke and the zeal of Christ!”