Classes Call

July 27th thru July 30th, 2016

6:33pm –  Wednesday-Friday, July 27-29th

8:30am – 1:00pm  Saturday, July 30th

The HFMDA Congress of Christian Education will be held starting tonight at the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church located at 684 Juliga Wood Street, Richmond; Dr. Alvin C. Bernstine, Host Pastor and Moderator of the Progressive Missionary Educational Baptist District Association.

The registration request is $300 for churches, $45.00 per adult delegate and $15.00 for youth and young adults. The registration helps us cover the cost of facility, faculty, materials and meals. $20.00 registration for those who will ONLY be attending the Saturday session and luncheon.

You are to select one (1) course. You are to attend the one course throughout the Congress. Each course is 4 hours total. The courses offered are:

Ministry That Matters and Ministers to Millennials

Instructor: Pastor Brian Hunter

Mobilizing the Membership for Community Ministry

Instructor: Pastor Will Yancey, M.A. Ed.

Making Peace and Solving ProblemsInstructor: Dr. LaVetta Coleman

Moving with One Leader to the NextInstructor: Pastor Raynard Hillis

 Ministry and Its Marriage to MoneyInstructor: Dr. Sandra Hicks Cox, J.D.

 Why We Worship the Way We Worship

Instructors:  Minister Torey Campbell & Dr. Donnell Thomas

 Expository Preaching: How to Preach the Best Sermon

Instructor: Pastor Anthony L. Perkins



Proverbs Chapter 11 – The Right Life

Proverbs 11

“The Right Life”

  • God hates injustice. He loves a honest business deal.
  • The “big head” will be embarrassed: the humble will be the wiser.
  • Doing the right thing is a good guide: getting away from God’s way of doing things will mess you up real bad.
  • Being rich can’t buy you out of all your troubles: being right with God will however save your life.
  • If you are doing the right thing you are headed in the right direction but the ones doing their own thing will fail in life.
  • God’s way of doing things will save your life; taking shortcuts from righteousness will get you addicted and afflicted.
  • When wicked people die, even in death, they create more problems: when people wrong others they invite failure into their future.
  • God will keep you safe and your situation sound if you are committed to His ways. The people who wronged you will wind up in the trouble they wished on you.
  • All a gossip does is ruins reputations and relationships: the faithful and the facts of their case will win in the end.
  • When a city is lead by the right people the city enjoys peace and prosperity: and when the wicked are overthrown there will be shouts of praise.
  • The power of positive people lifts up a city; but negative conversations and conditions will get the most attention.
  • Unwise people keep up conflict with the people closest to them: but a wise person will find the best way to resolve a conflict.
  • A gossip will not be quiet with your secrets: but a person with integrity can keep a situation discreet and confidential.
  • When there is a lack of leadership, people fail to fulfill their potential; but where there are committed and united leaders there is success.
  • If you are a co-signer or a business partner with someone you really don’t know very well, you will pay for that mistake. If you have a “never co-sign again” policy it will protect your financial future.
  • A woman with a pleasant attitude and warm disposition will win friends and gain favor. A man who makes and manages his money effectively will be influential.
  • A man that is inclined to help others is also helping himself.  A man that is mean-spirited is setting up trouble for himself.  
  • The work of the wicked never pays off: but those who work right and work for right are guaranteed success.
  • Living life on God’s terms tends to work out better; unlike living on your own terms, which tends to leave you doing worse.
  • God hates when we hide hate in our hearts; but pure and loving hearts are a pleasure to Him.
  • People can try to hide the wrong they are doing, but God will eventually deal with them; and those raised in righteousness will be saved from destruction.
  • It doesn’t matter how pretty she is, if she doesn’t know how to behave herself wisely she doesn’t add any value to your life. A pig is not a better pig just because it’s wearing a gold earring.
  • When you are living God’s way expect blessings; when are doing things your way expect hardship and heartbreak.
  • There are people who are always giving and always increasing. There are other people trying to hold on to every dime and they wind up going broke.
  • The generous mindset makes people truly rich and those who are blessing others will be blessed by others.
  • The person who price gouges, monopolizes markets and controls commodities for their own advantage will be despised by people and never know the blessings of God.
  • If you want the favor of God on your life seek to be good and to do good about people: but if you start a bunch of trouble you will stay in a bunch of trouble.
  • Chasing money and material things is a false hope and frustration: but those who are living God’s way have the power to be healthy and wealthy.
  • Your first ministry and priority is your family. Men who create trouble and keep tension in their family are unleashing untold and unintended consequences; the one’s who don’t learn this lesson will be serving those who did.
  • When your life is right with God every thing you do has a life-changing wisdom connected to it. The people you interact with will be positively and powerfully impacted by your life.
  • God will reward the right in the earth; and He will more so punish the wrong.



Paraphrase of Proverbs 11:1-31

by Bishop Sean Teal, Th.D.