Gather Together For the Greater!

Prayer Partners and Spiritual Family,

Thank you so much for your commitment to being available to God and being able to pray. Your faithfulness is an uncommon gift to any vision and visionary. My utmost appreciation goes to you for standing with the vision and supporting all our efforts to expand the work of prayer across America and around the world. Your faith, finances and faithfulness to the call of God has advanced the vision.

Your support in preparing and “pre-prayering” for the Gathering is a monument to your zeal for prayer and your excellence of spirit. Within the 7 weeks of what I heard from God for Baltimore has come together and will bring an incredible opportunity for Prayer Everywhere to empower prayer strategies and ministries. The Gathering will increase intercession and put prayer in more Christians and more cities.

According to Jesus, part and parcel to his life’s assignment was to preach the kingdom in cities (Luke 4:43). Cities were a spiritual target and a kingdom strategy. Cities are still focal points for the ministry of Jesus. The first place Jesus commissioned his disciples to impact with the new and dynamic power they were about to receive on Pentecost Sunday was a city – Jerusalem (Acts 1:8).

We too are called to introduce the kingdom of God to cities. Cities are centers of authority. Cities direct and import culture. Throughout the Bible God targeted cities for His glory or His judgment. Babel, Sodom, Gomorrah, Jericho, Tyre, Sidon, Bethlehem, Nineveh, Babylon, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethany, Nain and Gethsemane are cities that became settings for the supernatural. Every city is a candidate for an encounter with Christ if every city has an intercessor.

Cities await our anointed influence. Cities need people of prayer to engage and conquer the satanic darkness of the culture. We are to engage in “location legislation”. Through prayer we can take authority over every city, any city. Think on that! Pray on that! Act on that!