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Lydia Business Group Tip #6

Talk Directly to The Persistently Tardy 

Try the love, understanding and hands-off approaches to encouraging punctuality. If you still have a team member who pushes the envelope on tardiness and absence, you are going to need a more direct approach.

Meet privately with the team member. Note that you’ve noticed they’ve been regularly late to meetings and on task deadlines. Give them the time to explain why. Sit still. Listen closely. Don’t interrupt.

Emphasize to the team member the importance of being on time. Time management is the biggest part of personal discipline and business success. Being part of a team requires you to arrive early and accomplish on time.

Work on an action plan for arriving and accomplishing on time. Rather than enforcement,  penalties, and probations it will be more effective to allow the team member to correct their behavior. This will identify their motivation and dedication to the team and its tasks. Remember – the tardy team member knows better than you do, why they are persistently late and behind on deadlines, so they are best positioned to find a solution.

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