How To Make Your Own Memorial

These are abridged outlines of exhortations presented on the National Prayer Call during an exposition through the Book of the Acts ( “50 Days of Power”).

Acts 10:1-22

Proposition: God will remember your praying and giving (vs.4).

Praying, fasting and giving combined produce divine release and spiritual reward (Matthew 7:7, Luke 6:38). This is a compounded spiritual dynamic that creates a spiritual memorial. This combined dynamic is supernatural in its results.

Exposition: When a spiritual memorial is set before God, He will release to you:

1) Vision (vs. 3). God will show you a design for your destiny. Vision comes so that you can start to see what God sees. Vision is God’s gift to people who are pursuing His purpose.

2) Confirmation (vs. 4b). The angel confirmed to Cornelius that his praying and giving was the key to his breakthrough. What God had done is remembered. Not one thing Cornelius sacrificed in money or time was wasted. God saw it all.

3) Season (vs. 5). The angel says, “Now…”. Seasons are determined by what you pray and by what you give. Faith frames times and ages (Hebrews 11:3). Your faith activated by prayer and giving will bring you into your season.

4) Direction (vs. 6,22). The angel told him to send for Apostle Peter. The direction Cornelius needed was in the mouth of an anointed man. Connecting and submitting to the Apostle Peter gave Cornelius all he needed for a new encounter with God. The directions we need in this hour are apostolic. We all need spiritual generals who are saturated in the supernatural power of God to give us holy directions.

Application: If you want to experience the unparalleled power of God employ your spiritual disciplines.

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