The Jude Generation

The Passage of Time

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The Book of Jude is one of the smallest books in the Bible. It has 25 verses and 461 words. Its brevity gives it even more intensity. The Book of Jude is packed with some of the most effective examples you will ever encounter in literature. His sense of history and the ways of God brings you into the mystery of the end-times. This is the end-time epistle.

The eschatos, (end times) of this epistle brings us to the Book of Revelation. If the Book of Revelation is the house of the end-times, then Jude is the porch. Jude is the the book that precedes Revelation. What we read in Jude brings us to the starting line of Revelation.

Jude is the half-brother of Jesus. Jude is the son of Joseph and Mary. He is the youngest brother of James, the bishop at the Jerusalem Church. Jude, like his brother James, did not come to faith in Jesus until after the resurrection. They grew up with Jesus and did not believe. The Resurrection alone brought them to faith. This is one of the most stark evidences that Jesus was indeed raised from the dead -the belief of those who knew him best.

Jude writes this epistle to believers who were being victimized by the infiltration of demons and false doctrines in the Church. Jude initially intended to write on the subject of soteriology, the doctrine of salvation. He refers to it as “the common salvation” (verse 3). Instead of writing on the joys and blessings of salvation, he writes as a military-minded man. He calls for his audience to “contend for the faith…” (verse 3).

The signs of the end-times are a foregone conclusion for Jude. Jude writes about the end-times and what we can expect to creep into our highest ranks. Jude is inspired by the Holy Spirit to address the age of the end-time. He also warns us of the dangers that will rise against the Church, God’s people.

Jude is an author and more. Jude is ” the archetype of an end-timer”.  Jude represents the kind of people that the Lord is raising up in these days to make a stand against the stealth sabotage of the enemy. Jude is the paradigm of personalities that are called to engage and encounter the end-times. Jude is more than a person. Jude is people. Jude are people that live in the end-time and want to participate in God’s Big Plan!

The Jude Generation are no more or less than “servants of Jesus Christ” (verse 1). The Jude Generation is called to be alert, aware and guarded against ungodly teachers. False end-time doctrines insult and assault the  grace of God, the Godhead, and the Lordship of Jesus (verse 3). It is to this end that we need the Jude Generation. The Jude Generation will contend for the faith.

Read the Book of Jude. This article has more words than Jude.

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