Sanctify For the Supernatural

The Lord has urged and confirmed that I am to proclaim, “Sanctify September!” to the “remnant” that has ears to hear. Over the next 30 days we are believing for the supernatural to be showcased among the saints. The breakthroughs, the deliverances and the miracles we have prayed for and expected will be manifested this month, if we sanctify ourselves. “Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you” (Joshua 3:5).

When we sanctify we are setting aside a special time in order to accomplish at least three things:
1) To “take up the ark” (Joshua 3:6). The ark of the covenant represented the manifested presence of the Lord. It was called “the throne of God”. We sanctify in order to enter into a more intimate relationship with the Lord. This requires fasting and prayer.

2) To “stand still in the Jordan” (Joshua 3:8). We sanctify to enter a new experience with God. The Jordan is the place of new beginnings. There are places in God we will never stand in until and unless we take the time to give Him more of ourselves in prayers and fasting.

3) To “remove from their tents” (Joshua 3:14). We sanctify to exit from the places of our comfort. If we have become comfortable with the carnal or familiar with the fleshly our sanctification will draw us out of the bondages. If we have been comfortable with our spiritual condition we should sanctify so we can grow to the next level.

“Sanctify!” I urge you to join me in prayers and fasting. Daily from 6:33am – 6:33pm! Fast meats, sweets and wine. Read a half of a chapter each day of the Gospel of Mark. Begin your day on the National Prayer Call @ 6:33am (EST). (218) 237-3840. Passcode: 118129#. End your fast in prayer. Send your prayer requests to