Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

21 Spiritual Gifts

This list compiled from Romans 12, I Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4:11.

Administration – task oriented; concerned with details

Apostolic – spiritual; entrepreneurial; leader and maverick

Discernment – intuitive; able to spiritually appraise situations.

Evangelism – people person, self-starter and soul winner.

Exhortation – encouraging; uplifting and motivational.

Faith – uncommon ability to believe God for incredible works.

Giving – philanthropist; loves to share with others.

Healing – powerful urge to pray and interact with the sick.

Helps – loyal to leaders; works best with a team.

Hospitality – loves to prepare for guests and host with excellence.

Interpretation (of tongues) – ability to translate the gift of tongues.

Knowledge –  know without sensory assistance or empirical evidence.

Leadership – willing to protect, serve and coach the potential of people.

Mercy – compassionate; has a special patience for the suffering.

Miracles – used to intervene and demonstrate the power of God.

Pastor – shepherd’s heart; an overseer of God’s people.

Prophecy – passionate; inspired communicator of God’s word.

Service – can successfully be employed at any post.

Teaching – seeks clarity above all else; detail-oriented.

Tongues – speaks to God in a “heavenly language”.

Wisdom – counseling; solutions-oriented; Word-based.
All gifts of the Spirit are just that; gifts of the Spirit!  They belong to Him. He shares them with us so we can fulfill God’s call on our lives as members of the Body of Christ. Any and all good that spiritual gifts may accomplish is because of  the anointing of the Holy Spirit.