Sexual Deviance and Spiritual Disorder

The doors flung open into the Temple where Jesus sat teaching. The doctors of the Law and the most elite religious leaders burst into the worship experience dragging behind them a barely clad woman. Their accusation against her is incontrovertible. “Master, this woman has been caught in the act of adultery” (John 8:4).  

Caught in the act! There is no question about her guilt. Now how do you defend against that? The facts were not about to be challenged. The only challenge was the challenge they brought to Jesus. Is Jesus righteous or is he gracious? Is he a law and order Saviour or will he be soft on crime?

All forms of sex and sexuality that are not within the confines of a covenant between a husband (man) and a wife (woman) are by definition “deviant”. Hebrews 13:4 says, “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled; but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge”.  I Corinthians 6:18 says,“Flee fornication…but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body”. Ephesians 5:3 says,“But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be named among you, as becometh saints”.

Sexual deviance in a church is not new. The Apostle Paul called sexual deviance “the unfruitful works of darkness”. He demands that sexual deviance be “reproved”. “For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret” (Ephesians 5:11-12). Sexual deviance is to be reproved, not widely reported or constantly repeated. What sexual deviants do in secret should not be in our conversations. The word “reproved” means to “call to account, show one his fault and demand an explanation”. This is how restoration begins.

This woman caught in the very act is a sexual deviant. She is the accused. The churched leaders that brought her are the afflicted. She is accused of sexual deviance and they are afflicted with spiritual disorder. The are so spiritually disordered that this woman’s life and future means nothing to them. They are “grace haters”. They want to stone her. They want to headline her shame. They want to parade (in the middle of the sanctuary) somebody else’s sins and scandal. All they want is to make a point and win an argument.

I have lived long enough in the churched culture and context to know that the “holier than thou” are usually the “hollower than thou”. The selective moral outrage over this woman’s sexual deviance reeks of hypocrisy. She is not the only sexual deviant in the text. The accusation is adultery. Where is the person she was committing adultery with? How is it that we cannot stand sexual deviance in one, but have nothing to say about the sexual deviance of others?

Jesus never condemned those who were already condemned. Jesus never exposed those who were already caught. Jesus rebuked those who hid their sins while revealing the sins of others. Jesus condemned religious people who hated grace and showed no mercy. He knew her sin. He also knew her need. She needed a friend. Jesus is a friend. He is “the friend of sinners”.

“I will not condemn thee.. Go, and don’t do that sin again” (John 8:11). Jesus was not soft on sin. Jesus was gripped by grace. Grace saves and sanctifies. Grace delivers us from the deviances that almost destroyed us. Grace also disciplines our future actions and decisions. Truly forgiven and grateful people change when they are embraced by grace.

All those who came to accuse her discovered that day that Jesus came to deliver us from what we’ve done, not to destroy us by it. “He that cannot sin or has not sinned let him first cast a stone..” (John 8:7).



50 Days of Acts


“The Church Supernatural”

50 Day Reading Schedule

April 16th      1:1-14       May 11th        13:44-52

April 17th      1:15-26     May 12th        14:1-18

April 18th      2:1-13       May 13th        14:19-28

April 19th      2:14-36      May 14th       15:1-21

April 20th      2:37-47      May 15th       15:22-41

April 21st      3:1-11        May 16th       16:1-25

April 22nd     3:12-26      May 17th       16:25-40

April 23rd      4:1-12        May 18th       17:1-15

April 24th      4:13-37      May 19th       17:16-34

April 25th      5:1-16        May 20th       18:1-28

April 26th      5:17-42      May 21st       19:1-20

April 27th      6:1-15        May 22nd      19:21-41

April 28th      7:1-43        May 23rd       20:1-16

April 29th      7:44-60      May 24th       20:17-38

April 30th      8:1-40        May 25th       21:1-16

May 1st         9:1-22        May 26th       21:17-40

May 2nd        9:23-31      May 27th       22:1-30

May 3rd         9:32-43      May 28th       23:1-24

May 4th       10:1-23        May 29th       23:25-35

May 5th       10:24-48      May 30th       24:1-27

May 6th       11:1-18        May 31st       25:1-27

May 7th       11:19-30      June 1st        26:1-32

May 8th       12:1-25        June 2nd       27:1-44

May 9th       13:1-15        June 3rd        28:1-15

May 10th     13:16-43      June 4th        28:16-31
The Book of Acts is more than a historical record of the Early Church. In The Book of The Acts Jesus continues His ministry in the earth through a body of believers He has filled with His Spirit.

The Law of the Band-Aid

The Law of the Band-Aid

“…But we shall all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye…” (I Corinthians 15:51-52).

Have you ever heard of  “The Law of the Band-Aid” ? When I was growing up on 8th and Florida Streets in Richmond, California I received multiple scrapes and cuts while being a boy in an urban neighborhood. The only thing worse than the wounds was the removal of a Band-Aid. Band-Aid removal was dreaded. Band-Aid removal can be a slow, tortuous, painful hair-pulling experience.

The best way to remove a Band-Aid is one quick rip! Change is the same way. The slower we make the changes we need to make the more painful our experience will be. There is no value in prolonging the pain of change. The longer we resist change, things will only get worse, not better.

Long delays, drawn out decision-making, prolonged indecision, traditional protocols and bloated bureaucracies destroy the positive initiatives of ministry. People who don’t want the vision to succeed will just try to “wait out the clock”. It gives negative people the time and space they want and need to create widespread resistance to the change.

Visionary churches have learned how to prayerfully make progress by deciding and then doing vision in a timely fashion. Great churches have leaders with vision and passion. The leaders bring strategy and urgency to ministry. Strategy is light. Urgency is heat. Some people will never see the light, they need to feel the heat.

You don’t win support for the new and improved by dragging it out. When things are happening slowly in a church and in change people assume incompetence. The idea is, if they knew what we were doing they would have done it by now. That may not be the case. It may be as simple as the fear to remove the Band-Aid.

Change is not what people dislike. People dislike the pain of change. Change that suits us and supports us painlessly is the change we seek. Some change is not what we want, it is what we need. The changes we lead in church are necessary for future ministry.

Leaders! You don’t have to make some changes unnessarily drawn out and therefore more painful. Trying to work with the “powers that want to be” you are perhaps spending too much valuable time seeking consensus and not enough time going after progress. You could be further and farther along in your God-given vision if you better communicate the importance of the changes you know have to be made.

In 2017 bring clear and specific action plans that will provide immediate and impactful progress. Focus on underwriting missions and enhancing the worship and Word experience for different cultures and all generations. This is the time to decide it and then get it done!

Rip. Sting. Done! That is how you remove a Band-Aid and that is how you get big and bold things done. Does it hurt? Will you feel it?  Yes!  It just doesn’t hurt as bad.

The next time you try, triumph!

Bishop Sean Teal, Senior Pastor

Moderator, HFMDA (The Association)


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

21 Spiritual Gifts

This list compiled from Romans 12, I Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4:11.

Administration – task oriented; concerned with details

Apostolic – spiritual; entrepreneurial; leader and maverick

Discernment – intuitive; able to spiritually appraise situations.

Evangelism – people person, self-starter and soul winner.

Exhortation – encouraging; uplifting and motivational.

Faith – uncommon ability to believe God for incredible works.

Giving – philanthropist; loves to share with others.

Healing – powerful urge to pray and interact with the sick.

Helps – loyal to leaders; works best with a team.

Hospitality – loves to prepare for guests and host with excellence.

Interpretation (of tongues) – ability to translate the gift of tongues.

Knowledge –  know without sensory assistance or empirical evidence.

Leadership – willing to protect, serve and coach the potential of people.

Mercy – compassionate; has a special patience for the suffering.

Miracles – used to intervene and demonstrate the power of God.

Pastor – shepherd’s heart; an overseer of God’s people.

Prophecy – passionate; inspired communicator of God’s word.

Service – can successfully be employed at any post.

Teaching – seeks clarity above all else; detail-oriented.

Tongues – speaks to God in a “heavenly language”.

Wisdom – counseling; solutions-oriented; Word-based.
All gifts of the Spirit are just that; gifts of the Spirit!  They belong to Him. He shares them with us so we can fulfill God’s call on our lives as members of the Body of Christ. Any and all good that spiritual gifts may accomplish is because of  the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

“The Merge” Meets

Joint Mid-Winter Board Meeting

Progressive Baptist Missionary Educational District Association

Dr. Alvin C. Bernstine, Moderator

Home and Foreign Mission District Association

Bishop Sean Teal, Moderator

Thursday, February 2, 2017

6:00pm-7:00pm – Registration and Preparation

7:00pm – Worship and Intercessory Prayer

7:15pm – Introduction of Host Pastor

7:20pm – “The Theology of Unity” – Dr. Claybon Lea, Jr.

7:50pm – 8:00pm – United Parent Body Prayer

8:00pm – 8:50pm – Joint Ministry Plenary Sessions

8:50pm – 9:00pm – Reassemble for United Parent Body Prayer

Ministry Plenary Sessions Agenda

The Vision: To have key leaders and staffs of ministries in both Associations to meet, pray and discuss the immediate and potential points of unity.

The Mission: To focus on the similarities and unity in histories, current visions, leadership structures, protocols, fundraising and event calendars.

The Strategy: To ask the heads of ministry auxiliaries to prepare for the discussion and deliberations that will center on effectively merging ministries. A scribe will need to be assigned to every plenary session.

The Win: To allow the opening night to give a clear emphasis to what is “good and pleasant” about “The Merge”

Joint Mid-Winter Board

Progressive Baptist Missionary Educational District Association

Home and Foreign Mission District Association

Friday, February 3, 2017

6:00pm -7:00pm – Registration and Preparation

7:00pm – Worship and Intercessory Prayer

7:15pm – Introduction of State President (CSBC)

7:20pm – “The Necessity of Unity” – Dr. Henry Perkins

7:50pm – United Parent Body Prayer

8:00pm – Joint Ministry Plenary Sessions

9:30pm – Reassemble for United Parent Body Prayer

Ministry Plenary Sessions Agenda

The Vision: To have key leaders and staffs of ministries in both Associations to meet, pray and discuss the immediate and potential points of unity.

The Mission: To focus on the similarities and unity in histories, current visions, leadership structures, protocols, fundraising and event calendars.

The Strategy: To ask the heads of ministry auxiliaries to prepare for the discussion and deliberations that will center on effectively merging ministries. A scribe will need to be assigned to every plenary session.

The Win: To give further opportunity to address “The Merge” barriers and apply the benefits that surfaced in earlier discussions and deliberations.

Joint Mid-Winter Board

Progressive Baptist Missionary Educational District Association

Home and Foreign Mission District Association

Saturday, February 3, 2017

8:00am – Registration and Breakfast

9:00am – Worship and Intercessory Prayer

9:30am – Notifications and Introductions

9:45am – “The Psychology of Unity” – Dr. Larry Ellis

10:45am – United Prayer

11:00am – Joint Ministry Plenary Sessions

12:30pm – Lunch Served

1:00pm – Parent Body General Assembly

  1. Reports from Joint Ministry Plenary Sessions
  2. Strategy Team Report and Recommendations
  3. Amendments and Motions

2:30pm – Closing Comments and Call to Adjourn

2:45pm – United Parent Body Prayer

3:00pm – Benediction

Ministry Plenary Sessions Agenda

The Vision: To have key leaders and staffs of ministries in both Associations to meet, pray and discuss the immediate and potential points of unity.

The Mission: To focus on the similarities and unity in histories, current visions, leadership structures, protocols, fundraising and event calendars.

The Strategy: To ask the leaders of ministry auxiliaries to ensure each ministry prepares the report due to the Parent Body. The leaders will present a joint report that will announce and advise the Parent Body on its progress for “The Merge”.

The Win: To give further opportunity to come to a consensus on the best methods and resources for “The Merge”.


Why Kim Burrell Was Wrong

We live in the day of unprecedented perversion. Everything that was once normative is now abnormal. The abnormal is becoming our new normal. The perversion of our politics perhaps gives the greatest evidence to the absolute abnormality that has apprehended this age. In this century we will consistently find ourselves saying, “We’ve never seen this or done this before!”

When I was linked to the video of Kim Burrell, gospel singer/entertainer, “preaching” against homosexuality I tried to figure out why this was such a big deal for so many. It actually went viral. Members of our church and partners of our ministry have been requesting that I say something about it. I really didn’t understand why the video I watched was trending.

There was nothing said by Kim Burrell that was unprecedented. Black churchgoers have all heard preaching that confronts and condemns homosexuality. We have all heard the derogatory choice of words that can be acceptably used from the Black pulpit when describing homosexuals. We have all heard the sermons that are filled with quotes from the Bible, especially Paul’s epistles, that outright forbids homosexuality in Christianity (I Corinthians 6:9-11; 18-20). What was unprecedented was the reaction of modern Christians on social media.

The debate has turned sour. Accusations and insults from one Christian to another are being hurled throughout social media over what Kim Burrell said. We actually have an argument going on in the Body of Christ over someone speaking against sin; sin that is being normalized in local churches! This is unprecedented!

So where did Kim Burrell go wrong?  In my estimation she made three mistakes that muddied and muddled her intended message.

She was not biblical in her presentation. The prophecy, the warning and the rebuke were not direct quotes from the Word of God. We can adjust to the lack of proper tone and tenor. What we cannot adjust to is the lack of text and truth. There was no exposition from Scripture given that gave shape to her position. She would have done better just to have read Romans 1:18-32 out loud in the New Living Translation, said “Amen” and sat down.

She was too antithetical in her position. What every sinner needs to hear and experience is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is never “good news” to tell a sinner, “God is mad at you and He plans on killing you this year!” The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a grace that calls for and is the catalyst for real personal change. The “goodness of God leads to repentance” (Romans 2:4). When people truly experience what God has done through Jesus they change their minds and lives.

She was too focused on the sexuality of the Christian. She was retorting on the church’s laxity in addressing the perversion of sexuality in ministry. That seems to be the wrong target. The real issue is not homosexuality in churches, it is heresy in churches. We will never empty our churches of homosexuality. We can however maintain our place in the world as those who will speak the truth in love. To preach against homosexuality in the 21st century is to preach truth to power. Some of the most powerful political lobbies and entertainment executives are aggressive advocates of homosexuality. They have found their voice and wield their influence in this nation and around the world. Homosexuals are not shy nor ashamed.

However, have you read the posts and tweets of the so-called “Bible believers”? We are divided and deceived. I read more of the world than the Word! Your opinions and convictions sound more like Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Harvey than Paul, Peter and Jude. The modern church is anti-apostolic in its doctrine. It can no longer be said of us that we “continued in the apostles doctrine” (Acts 2:42). Most of what I read online was flat out heresy! The New Testament does not have a new morality to offer a new age that wants new ways to adapt old perversions.

Where could the Apostle Paul preach his doctrine on deviance in America without an uproar?  Every pastor that is an expository preacher will eventually be confronted with a text that confronts sexuality and all its forms of immorality. Will they be accused of being a “homophobic gay basher”?  Of course they will!












Unshackled: 21 Days of Deliverance and Destiny will help you break out and break free from what causes every captivity.

“U N S H A C K L E D”

21  Day  Spiritual Campaign

Servant Sean Teal, Visionary

What?  “Unshackled” is a spiritual campaign designed to provide an opportunity for believers to focus and follow through on deliverance in every dimension of destiny.

Why?  The Bible proclaims in Ephesians 4:8 that Jesus has triumphantly overcome every spiritual impediment, interference and incarceration. “When He ascended up on high, he led captivity captive, and gave gifts unto men”.

We are expecting God! In twenty-one days or less, to unshackle the captives. We can only receive after we are released. 21 is the biblical number that represents the completion of one order and the beginning of a better.

When?  We kick-off Sunday, January 1 – Saturday, January 21st. Sunday, January 22nd @ 8am & 11:00am, “Unshackled Sunday” .

We will gather on the National Prayer Call at 6:33pm nightly. (712) 432-6112. PIN: 100417#. Prayer Everywhere Dream Team and NHBC will gather moderate and provide intercession. Servant Sean Teal will exhort nightly on the NPC, except on Wednesdays.

NHBC will gather in the main sanctuary Wednesdays @ 6:33pm. NPC will simultaneously host “Unshackled Intercession”. We will feature “The Unshackled Fast” on Thursdays 6:33pm- Fridays 6:33am.

How?  We will host a 21 hour non-stop “The Unshackled Prayer Call”: Friday, January 20th @ 6:33pm – Saturday, January 21st @ 3:33pm (PST). NHBC Servant Leaders and Prayer Everywhere Dream Team will moderate.

Who?  You and every willing believer are invited and urged to seize the moment, receive what Christ has done and unshackle your life!

The  U N S H A C K L E D  Fast

To consecrate each Thursday evening

“Unshackled: 21 days of Deliverance and Destiny”

A spiritual campaign with unified fasting and prayers.

Servant Sean Teal, Visionary

The Vision: To hold a normal fast. Water and necessary liquids only. Fast all solid foods from 6:33pm – 7:14am (Friday).

The Mission: To release and receive spiritual deliverances in every dimension of our divine destiny.

The Strategy:

  • Commit to fasting and praying with during Unshackled.
  • Read Isaiah 58:6-12 out loud.
  • Pray the Word and declare your deliverance and destiny.

The Implementation: Thursday, January 5, 12, 19, 2017.

The Win: To see saints and souls delivered from what destroys and dilutes their destiny.


The Isaiah 58 Blessing

Deliverance and Destiny!

Servant Sean Teal, Visionary

During the Unshackled Fast claim and command in prayer the promises that come with fasting God’s way. This is the “chosen fast”. See verses six through twelve. This is the fasting that gets God’s attention and approval. When we fast biblically we will see the benefits of deliverance and the blessings of destiny.

The Benefits of Deliverance

  1. To loose the bands of wickedness – Deliverance from deceptions
  2. To undo the heavy burdens – Deliverance from addictions
  3. To let the oppressed go free – Deliverance from mental depression
  4. To deal bread to the poor – Deliverance from financial poverty
  5. To bring in the poor – Deliverance from loneliness and abandonment
  6. To cover the naked – Deliverance from exposure and abuse
  7. To not hide thyself – Deliverance from guilt and shame

The Blessings of Destiny

  1. Personal Favor (vs. 8)
  2. Physical Favor (vs. 8)
  3. Social Favor (vs. 8)
  4. Supernatural Favor (vs. 8)
  5. Spiritual Favor (vs. 9)
  6. Perpetual Favor (vs. 9)
  7. Financial Favor (vs. 11)
  8. Generational Favor (vs. 12).

The 21 Captivities of the Culture

1 You should know this, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. 2 For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. 3 They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. 4 They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. 5 They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!  (II Timothy 3). (New Living Translation)

We live in the “last” and “difficult” days. We are called to “lead captivity captive”. The list that the Apostle Paul outlines has no less than twenty-one cases of captivity. These characteristics reveal the condition of our culture. Unshackled: 21 Days of Deliverance and Destiny will help you break out and break free from what causes every captivity.

  1. “Lovers of them own selves.”

Be more than what you wear and how you look. Resist bringing attention to your shape or prominent physical features. Let others praise you and not yourself.

  1. “Covetous”

Overcome fleshly debt. Control your tendencies to spend on things you don’t need. Use cash, checks, money orders and debit cards only. Record your spending.

  1. “Boasters”

Bragging and boasting on God, not ourselves, is what we do. Do less posting “selfies” and guard against self-congratulations. Stay away from hip-hop music and reality shows that feature and glorify “flesh” and “self”.

  1. “Proud”

Take captive the thought that you always have the best idea on everything. Give others an opportunity to help you discover better answers. Ask for help. Be willing to change.

  1. “Blasphemers”

Overthrow cussing and speaking ill of others. Don’t abuse people with your words. Do not recite any secret or secular oaths or vows. Refuse to say anything that does not agree with the Word of God.

  1. “Disobedient”

Stay away from disrespectful attitudes and tones with parents and elders. Do what you are asked. Show honor to age. Spend more time listening.

  1. “Unthankful”

Praise more and complain less. Refuse to discuss issues and ideas that make you feel ungrateful. Every morning list seven (7) things you thank God for.

  1. “Unholy”

Cast out anything in your lifestyle that is unhealthy. If it is unhealthy, it is unholy. Don’t risk your health or your success in life anymore.

  1. “Without Natural Affection”

Wrestle and win over sexual urges that are deviant and outside of the covenant of marriage. Refuse to normalize same-sex marriage. Guard your eyes from all forms of pornography.

  1. “Trucebreakers”

Pray before you promise! Fulfill promises and commitments as best you can. Keep your words few. Ask yourself, “Am I really ready for this responsibility?”

  1. “False Accusers”

Guard against gossiping and evil speaking. Listen more than you talk. Know what to hear. Know what to share.

  1. “Incontinent”

Take captive your emotions. Live above what you “feel”. Do not consult horoscopes or psychics. Refuse suicidal thoughts. Command your thoughts.

  1. “Fierce”

You have no reason to be so defensive. No one can hurt you or take your place. Watch your tone and facial expressions. Speak kindly and smile often.

  1. “Despisers”

You are too gifted to be neutral. Speak up for what is right in a world. Stand against those that don’t believe in right or wrong. Begin to study the Bible seriously. Develop a greater appreciation for the Word.

  1. “Traitors”

Be loyal to the people God brings into your life. Don’t betray any righteous relationships. Refuse to use people in order to have your way or to get what you want.

  1. “Heady”

Watch your attitude. Be approachable. Overcome the tendency to be rash and reckless. Count to ten (10) before you speak. Think of the consequences of your actions and attitude. Is your reaction reasonable?

  1. “High Minded”

Refuse to be lead by pride. Don’t believe your own press. Humble yourself. Refuse to compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to Jesus Christ. That will keep you humble.

  1. “Lovers of Pleasures”

Discipline your entertainment. Guard what you see and hear on television, music, movies, social media, video games, fantasy games, or etc. Reading, listening to Scriptures, meditating on the Word and quiet time with the Father will deepen your spirituality and empower your soul.

  1. “Forms of Godliness”

Stop trying to impress Church people. It’s not about what they see. It’s never about the form. Form is what’s on the outside. Faith in God’s power is the real substance (Hebrews 11:1).

  1. “Deniers of God’s Power”

Overcome doubting God’s absolute power and awesome plan over your life. The Holy Spirit in you makes you supernatural. If you have the faith, God has the power in you to do exceeding, abundantly above all you can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

  1. “No Knowledge of Truth”

Take captive the lies and myths about Jesus. “If you’re wrong on Jesus, you’re wrong on everything!”. Do not listen to or consider any teachings that do not teach the truth about Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. Think on this: Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh to take away man’s sins through His death on the Cross. On the third day Jesus was raised from the dead verifying and validating that He is indeed whom He claimed to be and is now seated in the place of all power ruling over history, humanity and eternity.