The House Is In Prayer

The 4th Year Prayer Guide

Bishop Sean Teal, Th.D. © 2023

Every success is a prayer success! This year’s celebration as a church is a praise to God for four years of full-time ministry. We are a wonder! The House is a work of the Holy Spirit. To God we give all the glory!

The love of Jesus and the power of prayer is what we offer the world and the lost. The House is uniquely anointed for this moment and for this ministry. We are an apostolic assignment.

Forward and onward we have many opportunities and challenges. We have a plethora of possibilities. We are anointed with an advantage. We are a gift to the Body of Christ. We are sent! We are sent into the world as ambassadors of Jesus. We are intercessors.

The House is in need of more powerful and prevailing prayer. The apostolic assignment must be an answer to prayer. Every apostolic assignment is launched from prayer. Intercessors are essential! 

We are dealing with modern modes of ministry that are being incubated in a carnal culture. Spiritual immaturity is the norm in most churches. Lovelessness and prayerlessness in church must be countered.  Prayer and the ministry of The Word needs a revival and renewal in The Body of Christ.

We have committed ourselves to the prophetic vision of Isaiah 56:7. This is what Jesus wants for The House (Matthew 21:13, Mark 11:17, Luke 19:49). We are called to be connected to His calling!

We have a 30 Day Prayer Guide for 3o days!  You can pray daily for The House! 

Pray one point every day for thirty (30) days.

For your FREE copy


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