30 / 30 – Time and Tips

Pray Daily.

Love Unconditionally.

Forgive Quickly.

Laugh Heartily.

Kiss Slowly.

Hug Tightly.

Speak Honestly.

Warfare Spiritually.

Listen Quietly.

Connect Emotionally.

 Plan Financially.

 Parent Biblically.

Agree Publicly.

Disagree Privately.

Live Simply.

Save Monthly.

 Remember Selectively.

  Reconcile Eagerly.

   Decide Wisely.

   Share Generously.

    Read Widely.

    Think Critically

    Assess Annually.

    Exercise Physically.

    Help Anonymously.

    Serve Humbly.

    Enjoy Socially.

    Vacation Extravagantly.

    Move Prayerfully.      

Commit Totally.

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