Saviour’s Sunday

December 19th, 2021 @ 9:30am

We are thrilled and overjoyed with the praying and planning that has gone into Saviour’s Sunday. This is our third year celebrating Saviour’s Sunday. This is another high and holy day for The House.

Saviour’s Sunday is our way of proclaiming Matthew 1:21. Jesus has the eternal nature, power and character of a Saviour. He is the ONLY Saviour! Jesus deserves all of our attention and adoration!

Our Vision: You and your family will watch The House Telecast.

Our Mission: To celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Our Strategy: To present a special, spiritual and virtual worship. 

  • Featuring Servant Tiffany Brock and Majestic Harmony
  • Featuring Minister James “Maestro” Pugh.
  • Featuring Servant Jace Fowler.
  • Featuring The Media Team of The House!

Our Win: You and your family will enjoy and be encouraged.

As the LORD leads you, we pray that you will set aside a “Happy Birthday JESUS”offering. All special offerings will be designated for outreach. or CashApp at: $house4prayer

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