World Premiere

When they therefore came together, they asked of him, saying, “Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel”? (Acts 1:6).

The apostles had this question on top of their every thought. This was the pressing matter before them as Resurrected Jesus is preparing to ascend away from them. What is the will of Jesus for His disciples? What is in the timing of Jesus? How will  Jesus restore the kingdom again? Who will Jesus trust His kingdom with in the last days?

You and I have questions we need answered from the word of God. For three (3) nights I will begin to unpack for You and the precious Partners of Prayer Everywhere the powerful revelation of “The Final Restoration”.  We are no bystanders in this hour of global upheaval. We are strategically placed into this generation and for this time that we might be world changers and difference makers. Our presence in the world is like light and salt. Our presence in the world is The Body of Christ alive in the earth. Our presence in this world is God’s kingdom coming and His will being done. We are a part of  “THE FINAL RESTORATION” ! We are here for Christ and His Kingdom!

Wednesday, December 1st @ 6:33pm – 8:00pm (PST)

The Restoration of Kingdom Power

Jesus and Kingdom Doctrine

The Gospel of The Kingdom 

The New Creation and The Kingdom

Thursday, December 2nd @ 6:33pm – 8:00pm

The Restoration of Kingdom Protocols

The Tabernacle of David

The Power of Praise

The End-Time Harvest

Friday, December 3rd @ 6:33pm  – 8:00pm

The Restoration of Kingdom Participation

The  Body of  The Anointed One

The  Use of  Spiritual Authority

The  Age of  The Apostolic
*You will receive “keys of knowledge”. These teachings will be intensive and on subject matter that is not highly exposed. You will hear things you have never heard before. This will be an eye-opening time for the serious seeker. You are welcome! We encourage all attendees to seek the LORD in prayer privately. Pray Psalm 119:18 nightly. We set the atmosphere with praise and worship @ 6:15pm nightly.

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