A Family Holiday Prayer

Praying with your family is not always the easiest or most comfortable moment. Family can be familiar and distant. Family can know you in ways that it challenges your spiritual veracity. Family can be tough on your spirituality. Family can expose every hint of hypocrisy. So when it’s time to lead your family in prayer you may need some help. Here is another PrayerEverywhere.org spiritual resource that may help you get through the holidays. This prayer may ease some of the pressure off of your prayer. This may not be your prayer word for word, but let it be a pattern. Let it bless you and your family!

Heavenly Father, in the Name of Your Blessed Son Jesus the Christ, we thank You for this time that we have come together. We seek the blessing of Your Spirit. Grant us hearts of gratitude and thanksgiving. Thank You for Your goodness and Your grace to every person here. Thank you for the family You have made our friends and for the friends who have become our family. Thank You for being our Sole Provider. You have provided for all our needs abundantly and sufficiently. We give You praise! 

We pray over every member of this family—those seated among us—and those who were not able to gather here today. We thank You, Father God that Your will is good, acceptable and perfect. We thank You that You are our Saviour and Healer. You are our strong tower and shield.  You have healed us of sickness and disease. We receive healing right now in Jesus’ Name. We agree and bind every weapon of the enemy against any and every member of this family right now in the Name of Jesus. We agree and release favor and increase.

We apply, by faith, the blood of Jesus over every person connected to our generations. We break every generational curse and establish our covenant blessings. We declare protection from disaster and death. We declare angels assigned to intervene on their behalf.

For those who do not know You, we pray right now that Your love, mercy and grace would overwhelm them—that they might know Your love for them. We thank You that You bring, You draw and You will add souls that we know into Your kingdom. Thank You for choosing us to share Your love with others.

We thank You for blessing us! Thank you for our faith, our family and this food. Bless all in Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen.

###  http://www.PrayerEverywhere.org

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