40 Preachers To Remember

The earliest years of preaching ministry I was exposed to preaching greatness. If exposure is expansion, I was expanded early. Here is a list of 40 Black “pulpiteers” who became to me the original standards of a craft I was willingly to give all my effort to engage. As a teenager I honorably imitated, immaturely plagiarized and incessantly studied their manners and methods. I am profoundly blessed to have been put in their proximity early in ministry.

Pastor John H. Green (Richmond, CA)

Dr. Robert T. George (Oakland, CA) 

Dr. Alvin C. Bernstine (Richmond, CA)

Dr. Fleetwood E. Irving (Vallejo, CA)

Dr. Melvin V. Wade (Los Angeles, CA)

Pastor Harry R. Fort (Oakland, CA)

Dr. C. E. Richardson (Richmond, CA)

Dr. E. V. Hill (Los Angeles, CA)

Dr. A. H. Newman (Richmond, CA)

Dr. Manuel Scott, Sr. (Dallas, TX)

Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr. (Oakland, CA)

Dr. Frederick Haynes, III (Dallas, Tx.)

Dr. M.T. Thompson (Berkeley, CA)

Evangelist M. L. Scott, Jr. (Los Angeles, CA)

Dr. C.A.W. Clark, Sr. (Dallas, Texas)

Dr. E. K. Bailey (Dallas, Texas)

Dr. Lloyd C. Blue (Oakland, CA)

Dr. C. E. McClain (Shreveport, LA)

Dr. A. Louis Patterson, (Houston,TX)

Pastor Otha Johnson (San Pablo, CA)

Pastor Daniel O. Tolliver (Berkeley, CA)

Pastor A. R. Robinson (San Francisco, CA)

Pastor A.L. Cobbs (Oakland, CA)

Dr. J. R. Richardson (San Francisco, CA)

Dr. Ralph. D. West (Houston, TX)

Pastor Henry L. Hudson (Oakland, CA)

Dr. Charles G. Adams (Detroit , MI)

Pastor Samuel Williams, Sr. (Oakland, CA)

Pastor Arthur L. Moore (Oakland, CA)

Dr. S. M. Lockridge, (San Diego, CA)

Dr. S. J. Scott (Oakland, CA)

Dr. Floyd G. Purdy (Palo Alto, CA)

Dr. C. J. Anderson (Oakland, CA)

Dr. Marvin T. Robinson (Los Angeles, CA)

Dr. M. J. Williams (Oakland, CA)

Pastor Lester L. Cannon, Jr (Oakland, CA)

Dr. E. Paul Perkins (Marin City, CA)

Pastor T. J. Prince (Oakland, CA)

Dr. R.A. Williams (Los Angeles, CA)

Dr. F. G. Sampson (Detroit, MI)

*I did not distinguish living from “late” because they are all apart of my kergymatic eschatos.

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