A Prayer For The President

Holy Father, in the name of Jesus, we give You praise. You are the Ancient of Days! The times and thrones of men are under Your power. You have no rivals nor equals. We extol You for Your wonders in this world. All glory goes to You!

We thank you for the last four years! We know You better now. We bless You for Your sovereignty in this nation! We ask You to speak peace to the heart of President Donald Trump. We seek Your comfort upon him, his family and those who dearly support him. We ask that You quiet any personal rage and heal every national wound. Command the storms in his heart and mind to obey Your voice. Let him sleep well tonight. In his rest turn his heart toward righteousness and peace.

We seek a political respite and a prayer revival for this nation. Shalom Your people. Have mercy on America!  We have confidence in You! Yours is the nation and The Kingdom! In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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