We Can Breathe!

Then He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20:22).

Jesus breathes on those who believe. Those who believe have a breath beyond their own. When we are exhausted by life, afraid of the worst possibilities and feeling some kind of way, we have the indwelling and inspiring Spirit of God in us. We are filled with the Breath of Jesus.

Receive. Inhale. Catch your breath. Fill your lungs. You have permission to breath again! There is hope after the darkest of days. The breath we need we can receive.

Lift your hands!
I declare the decree. You have been admitted into the Season of your Shalom.  The circumstances have lost their standing. The Word of God arises. God’s promises are bursting forth over you! The Word will run quickly and finish a work in you that no man shall be able to explain. You must prepare for divine acceleration. The Spirit of God will blow a strong wind suddenly. This vision will be birthed in a night, declared in a week; confirmed in a month and launched in a year. If you believe it- give God glory!

The winds of the Spirit are blowing through Prayer Everywhere. We are witnessing and recording changed lives, notable miracles and mighty deliverance. The anointing on the Exhorters and Intercessors is on the rise. Support for The National Prayer Call is on the increase. Each week we are reaching more people with the message of love and the ministry of prayer.

Thank you for the partnership and sponsorship you bring to the outreach and mission of Prayer Everywhere! This season has been fruitful because God made you faithful. You are necessary.  You are appreciated!

Love With All Muchness,

Bishop Sean Teal, Visionary

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