Don’T Be Afraid!

I resigned from a historic church and a prestigious pastorate nearly two months ago. My wife and I decided to trust God for our family and the future a new ministry.

No one promised to underwrite us or to join the new work. I didn’t know what the future was about to launch us into. I’m imperative; but not impulsive.

I’m the kind of leader that functions by unction. I left a church without knowing the next step. I know to leave a position of full time ministry offered no guarantees that I would find another one. Well, I am still in a full time pastorate.

Lady Stephanie has been very supportive. All she has ever known is that God takes of her husband and her household. We started our marriage and ministry nearly 30 years ago. We lived the first two weeks of our honeymoon at the Hallmark Inn on Trinity Lane in Nashville, TN.  Never mind. You’d have to be there to understand.

When I sit and look at our family and our future I have no fears. I don’t fear what will happen if things don’t work out. I’m not worried about growth or a toxic church environment. I’m not scared when I think about where or when we’ll find our first location or what will be our next move.

It’s not a time for an uncertain future, it’s all about the Kingdom first. I’ve not been watching or listening to a lot of the news lately because I need to stay on a low negative mental diet.

I know I’m not the only one who has faced fears and has overcome being afraid. You may feel fear creeping into your private dreams and your business visions. The best way to make fear come under your authority is through faith-filled words in your prayers and praises.

Pray and Praise with me: “Father in the name of Jesus, I praise you that You do not give fear; but You did give me and every born again believer power, love and a sound mind. By faith I now receive power, love and a sound mind. I take Your power over my fear. I choose Your love over my worry. I bring Your sound mind into my every decision. I praise You for it and call it done for the glory of Jesus the Christ!

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