The Place Where We Pray

Are you in a place where you can pray? Are you in a place with people of prayer? Are you at that place where prayer is the priority? Jesus had a place. He had a place of prayer. He had a praying place and nothing else could occupy its space.

“And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples” (Luke 11:1). Jesus was praying in a certain place.  The Greek construction of the word certain gives us an ancient word used of persons and things concerning which the writer either cannot or will not speak more particularly.

Dr. Luke was the most prolific and detailed of all Gospel writers. He does not however go into the details of the place where Jesus was praying. Perhaps the sacredness of Jesus’ private time with the Father was in consideration. We all need a certain place for prayer. We need a place of intimacy that gives us unbroken moments in the presence of God. The certain place needs to be private, so it can be deep. Jesus also called it a “closet” (Matthew 6:5-6). In your prayer closet is the place where you can be “naked and not ashamed”.

People who experience Jesus want to pray. Prayer is panting for more of God and His presence in your life. Prayer is a craving for Christ. Praying is reaching beyond humanity for divinity. Prayer is an act of faith. Prayer asks. Prayer seeks. Prayer knocks on God. Prayer desires. Prayer inquires. Prayer requires of God. Prayer diligently seeks God and wants His rewards. Prayer is not a drudgery. Prayer is an opportunity to participate in God’s plans.

Teaching prayer is what Jesus does. When we have been in a certain place praying we too are enabled as educators. We can instruct and inspire prayer only when it has become intimate to us. The School of Prayer has one Head Master. It is only open to and enrolling those who want to be what they see in Jesus. The prayer life of the disciples was caught and then it was taught. Prayer is not learned in the library of weekly piety. Prayer is learned in the laboratory of daily Christianity. Prayer is inspired and then instructed. Spending time every day with Jesus teaches us prayer. The more we desire to be like Jesus the more provoked, profound and pointed our prayers will become.

Prayer was the place in the life of Jesus. And when he was at the place, he said unto them, Pray that ye enter not into temptation” (Luke 22:40). The place where Jesus chose to spend his most purposeful moments were punctuated and peppered with prayer. While Jesus was in his place of prayer he was able to call others into a place of prayer. Is this what we are missing in the modern Church? We have prayer less preachers and leaders in our churches and we wonder why there is no prayer revival? Those who claim to have been with Jesus seem not to have followed Him all the way to the place. The place is where we pray and lead others into prayer. Are you in that place, yet?

Pray and don’t enter. Prayers and temptations can take you places. Temptations are distractions by the devil. Temptations are opportunities for sin. Temptations are pressures on the flesh. The only safe place from your temptations is in a praying place. The place where Jesus prayed kept him in a place where he could not fail. Staying in a praying place keeps you from entering the traps and snares of the evil one.

Praying is a place outside of your flesh. You pray so you won’t enter into a temptation. You don’t have to wait and pray after you have succumbed to a temptation. Prayer is key to the victory over your “inner me”. In the place where we pray we can take authority over the world, the flesh and sin. In the life of the one who prays daily greater faith, faithfulness and focus will emerge. The power of prayer is divine potential. Prayer puts us in that place where God can get the most out of us.

Prayer is a place. Prayer is a station. It is a station in the kingdom of God. It is from where God launches His eternal purposes through mortal people. Prayer is a habitation. It is a habitation in the Spirit. It is from where God shares and hears His prayers through us. Prayer is a condition. It is a condition of the heart. It is from where God gives more grace to the humble. Prayer is that place!



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