Apostolic Assignments Have Arrived

Dr. T. L. Lowery is the late and great apostolic patriarch of Prayer Everywhere. Few men knew God in the Word and prayer like Dr. Lowery. He is the spiritual father of founder and visionary, Bishop Sean Teal.  

Dr. Lowery imparted the revelation and of apostolic assignments, spiritual authority and the double portion anointing into his spiritual son. Bishop Teal was privately tutored countless hours by Dr. Lowery. Dr. Lowery literally wrote the book on Apostles and Prophets: Reclaiming the Biblical Gifts. It is now considered the seminal work on modern apostles throughout The Body of Christ.  

Prayer Everywhere is an apostolic assignment. We have entered into this season ready to embrace our apostolic authority and anointing. We will apprehend the possibilities and opportunities we have to reach nations and change generations!

Identifying Apostolic Leaders

The “apostle” is not an expired gift. Most of us (even those of us who are gifted as apostolic leaders) struggle with the idea of calling something “apostolic” or someone “apostle”. This means that so many in The Body of Christ are missing out on maximizing their callings. Too many are operating out of an identification and ministry that they (we) don’t have the grace or passion for.

Embracing and empowering apostolic leaders and apostolic assignments is key to ministry expansion. Apostolic leaders are effective in expansion because of their innate ability to catalyze new ministry. Apostolic leaders are launchers, pathfinders, trailblazers, globetrotters and mavericks.

Here are seven key indicators that could evidence an apostolic gift in you or in the ministry you are connected to. This will also help you to identify the emerging apostolic leaders in your midst.

  • Praying for Miracles and Supernatural Manifestations

Apostolic movements will always have their origin in praying people. The word “apostle” means, “one sent forth first”. The first ministry of any apostolic assignment is to pray and to teach prayer The supernatural is released through prayer.. Miracles, signs and wonders are attached to the apostolic anointing. Corporate prayer is the key connection to the effectiveness of the apostolic leader. Apostolic leaders will have prayer networks and intercessors undergirding and underwriting their ministry. The people that pray with apostles will also be used by God to provide for apostolic vision and ministries.

  • Leading and Launching New Things

Perhaps the surest sign of an apostolic gift at work is the series of new things that have been started due to their influence, whether spiritual or not. Apostolic leaders demonstrate a remarkable ability to get things off the ground, whether it is a new initiative, gathering, or community. Gifted apostles leave behind a trail of new communities that have come into being due to their vision and initiative.

  • Demonstrating Spiritual Passion and Intensity

A visible indicator of the apostolic gift at work is an unusual spiritual intensity, especially focused toward one subject, doctrine or revelation. Apostles have assignments that consume their energies and focus their efforts. Apostolic leaders are zealous and their passion leads them to act. They are risk takers and will act on a vision even when the odds are stacked against them.

  • Thinking Kingdom and Divine Order

Order is God’s strategy for increase! Apostolic leaders are consistently thinking about the strategies, systems and structures (wineskins) that undergird an apostolic community. Greater effectiveness, efficiency and excellence is the ambition of the apostolic leader. Redesigning, devising new overhauls to  current structures or implementing brand-new initiatives is the vision of the apostle. Apostolic leaders often release new energy and increase in ministry.

  • Communicating a Burden for Expansion

Apostolic leaders express an almost overwhelming burden for what is not, yet. Apostolic assignments are for the people not in the room, the communities that are not being reached, the territories no one else is going after. Apostolic leaders have more than a vision to reach new territory, they have a genuine burden to do so. It’s housed not just in their mind, but burns in their soul.

  • Responding to Major Challenges

Apostolic leaders have huge vision. They are consistently required to respond to big challenges. They are challenged to envision and engage the tasks others wouldn’t dare to face. “Global”, “world”, and “international” are apostolic words. The apostolic leader has an assignment that only God through a person partnered with  a people could accomplish. The more impossible the dream, the more motivated the apostles are to achieve it. The willingness to jump off the cliff, with both feet into the water, is a hallmark of emerging apostolic leadership.

  • Turning Moments into Movements

Apostolic leaders desire to turn moments into movements. Apostolic people demonstrate an uncanny ability to recognize moments that are filled with possibilities, and often know instinctively how to capitalize on those events for greater influence and momentum. There is a constant thought to “parlay” moments into opportunities for further and future ministry. Apostolic leaders are constantly looking to pivot off catalytic moments and release movements that will bear more fruit and fruit that remains.

These indicators are derived from studies in Matthew Chapter 10.

The Gathering 2018 / OCTOBER 11th- 14th

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