The Bay Area Will Be The Pray Area

The Oakland -San Francisco Bay Area is experiencing some of the most rapid and radical changes in Church and spiritual culture. In the next five years whatever we have known as Church will be over and done. A new day is dawning and we cannot restrain it.

We have been “rowing in religion” instead of sailing in the Spirit! The activity of a church does not reveal the spirituality of the Church. Most churches are doing a lot, but not getting a lot done.

Institutions are killing visions. Reprobates are left to rule religion. People with godly passion and holy enthusiasm are the exception.  Carnality is holding the Church captive.

There are no less than 7 (seven) major shifts in the next five years that will determine the destiny of ministry in Northern California.

  • Pastors will have to preach strictly biblical messages. Verse by verse exposition will rule the day. Topical preaching will be disdained.
  • The Holy Spirit will have to be emphasized like never before. The need of the Holy Spirit will become the focus of ministry. The “anointing” will be the most coveted and the only essential tool in ministry.
  • Millennials will have to be the harvest field for growing churches. Millennials will be empowered to lead ministry and construct 21st century ministry.
  • Praise and Worship will have to become a more intense and intimate spiritual experience. People will be healed and filled with the power of God while in His presence.
  • Outreach and urban missions will have to be the most effective means of ministry. Prayer, Generosity and Evangelism will again become the agenda and ambition of the Church.
  • Multicultural ministry will have to be the only authentic and significant ministry. Churches will no longer be identified by culture or class.
  • Prayer will have to be the key ministry that brings people together and on purpose from everywhere and every background into churches that are committed to being a “house of prayer for all people” (Isaiah 56:7).

One thought on “The Bay Area Will Be The Pray Area

  1. Carolyn Jacob says:

    Wowww!!! Great God, great changes Will be made to advance His Kingdom. Away with ‘church as usual’ The time is here and now!

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