From Ashes To Answers

The Holy Ghost Ministers to Ghost Ship Sorrow

A Resolution of Intercession

Having gathered the night of December 11th, 2016 to pray for those most deeply and closely affected and connected to the tragedy of the Ghost Ship Fire we humbly again honor the memory and families of all the souls that are forever linked together in time and eternity.

Whereas we value all the lives of those lost we continue to make progress by prayerfully giving greater voice and offering a clearer vision for those who are the most susceptible in our city,

Whereas we are compelled by the call of God and love we will lead and host more prayer and hope events that aim for the healing of our city and citizens,

Whereas we are moved by the comfort of the Spirit of God and His compassion we offer our most heartfelt condolences and consolation to all the families and friends of their 36 loved ones.

Whereas we know that there are matters and issues of equity, equality and economy that will be brought into later conversations we will launch and lead a prayer coalition in order to combine prayer with public policy.

“Father God, we praise You for your great love! We know that hopelessness, unforgiveness and bitterness is not of You. You are the Father of faith, hope and love. You are the God of all grace. Restore Your peace within Us. Teach Us to forgive and resolve any conflicts which may arise. Let authority and political power conduct itself with humility and honesty. Bless those who have been burdened. Grant strategies and recovery. Help Us to envision a positive outcome. May we begin to heal and make progress immediately and peacefully. Give our city leaders the conscience that fights for the poor and oppressed. Let their conflicts be with systems that are unfair and unjust. Help all of Us to love one another. In Jesus name, Amen.”

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