The Ministry of Mondays

Did You Make It Through Monday? Most pastors resign their pastorates on Monday. Most pastors resign their churches while recovering from a Sunday hangover. Rob Bell calls it the “preacher’s hangover”.

It’s my experience that the more real and clear the preaching is on Sundays the more likely and severe the preacher will experience “preacher’s hangover”.  Your hangover is directly related to the degree of risk you took when preaching. A “risky pulpit” doesn’t mean you are overtly offensive or openly crass; it means that you took a risk and said what actually is happening: in the world, in your church and in your own life. Vulnerability in ministry is risky.

In order to help get you through the “preacher’s hangover” I offer the following:

  1. On Sundays, be sure to gather 2-3 trusted prayer partners following the ministry of the day to lift you in prayer. They should pray that you are restored, prepared and anointed for the next assignment.
  2. Take Mondays off. Social media connected to ministry should be avoided. You don’t need to read or see the cheers or the jeers that came from Sunday. Absorb and address that on Tuesday. Be committed to quality assurance. Monday is to focus on, “What is God saying beyond last Sunday and how can I better prepare to say it”?
  3. When you first get home on Sundays get a bite to eat (soup and salad). Take a nap (limit 2 hours). Awake, hydrate and eat. Spend time with your family.
  4. Remember that God is doing something bigger than Sunday and the sermon. Ministry happens on Mondays also. Get ready for the ministry of Mondays.

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