The 29/7 Prayer Project

The 29/7 Prayer Project29_7 Banner 1

Bishop Sean Teal, Visionary


The 29/7 Prayer Project is based on Jeremiah 29:7, “And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the LORD for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.”

Shake Cities!  Reach over 100 cities in prayer!!  Join the Movement! 

The Vision: To create and coordinate an initiative dedicated to fostering and facilitating daily intercessory, city-scoped prayer.

The Mission: To introduce the will of God into Bay Area cities and their vicinities through targeted and coordinated intercessory prayer.

The Strategy:

  • To set “29/7 Prayer Targets” for cities: Arts, Business, Church, Education, Family, Government/Crime, Media.
  • To cast vision and invite pastors, intercessors, partners and churches to become “29/7 Prayer Partners”.
  • To encourage 29/7 Prayer Partners to identify and partner with others that can pray together for their city using the 29/7 Prayer Targets.
  • To encourage pastors and churches to contact the most highly profiled community and civic leaders of your city to request their input on your city’s most pressing needs and concerns.
  • 29/7 Prayer Partners and Churches will be asked to compile and track baseline statistics on their cities related to the 29/7 Prayer Targets. (Example:tracking cultural metrics such as divorce filings, unemployment rate, crime, truancy and suicide rates.)
  • 29/7 City Survey forms are available through The Office of The Bishop. Forward requests or completed forms to Please feel free to make copies as needed.
  • 29/7 Prayer Partners will give no less than 29 minutes to intercessory prayer 7 days a week. See 29/7 Prayer Model.
  • 29/7 Prayer Partners are asked to sow a $29.00 seed faith gift to their local churches missions fund.  
  • On the twenty-ninth day for seven months (2016) the 29/7 Prayer Partners will gather on the National Prayer Call (712) 432-6112. PIN: 100417# at 6:33am (PST).
  • Friday, January 29th; Monday, February 29th; Tuesday, March 29th; Friday, April 29th; Sunday, May 29th; Wednesday, June 29th; Friday, July 29th. The 29/7 Prayer Call will celebrate successes, offer feedback, give testimonies and feature prayers for our cities.
  • To consecrate the 29th day of every month as the Day of The F.A.S.T. (Focused Anointed Service and Triumph!). An absolute food fast from 6:33pm – 6:33am. Water only! (See Isaiah 58 for prayer and fasting targets).
  • 29/7 Prayer Partners should invite community and civic leaders to participate in additional inputs and updates every 60 days. The vision for city-wide intercession is to be reviewed every 29 days.
  • To certify and celebrate the 29/7 Prayer Partners who participated in the launch from January 1- 29, 2016.

The Implementation: January 1st – 28th, 2016. New Hope Prayer Call (6:33pm PST). (712) 432-6333. PIN: 259999#. Friday, January 29th (6:33pm PST) to Saturday, January 30th (11:33pm PST)  29/7 Prayer Marathon. 29 HOURS! (712) 432-6112. PIN: 100417#.
The Win: Measurable and positive results in cities and vicinities that are being targeted in prayer.

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