Ecclesiastes 10

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Ecclesiastes 10

A Transliteration and Paraphrase

Bishop Sean Teal, Th.D.

Verse 1 Dead flies left in the holy oil will make the anointing stink; just like a few moments in the flesh can ruin a good reputation.

Verse 2A wise man’s heart in the right place. He uses his wisdom for the good of others. A fool’s heart is in the wrong place. He does people wrong and tries to hide it.

Verse 3A fool goes about thinking that he has fooled everyone. He is the one who is fooled.

Verse 4 If you are harshly confronted by a superior do not quit nor resign; calmly do what you are asked and stay employed.

Verse 5There are mistakes we continue to make when deciding who will lead us.

Verse 6 We make leaders out of people who are not truly committed…

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