The Prayer Everywhere Vision

“Write the vision, and make it plain…” (Habakkuk 2;2).

It is the vision of a people being agents of love and ambassadors of prayer transforming lives and communities, generations and nations.

It is the vision of building “The Prayer Palace”, a ministry campus where people of all nations, ages and backgrounds can come to learn Christ, receive unconditional love, enjoy genuine fellowship, practice prayer, and develop networks for the support of global missions. We will inspire thousands around the world to adopt our prayer strengths and  strategies.

It is the vision of “The Prayer Palace” equipped to host thousands from around the world for training in all forms of personal and corporate prayer. It will be a spacious and serene sanctuary conducive to spiritual worship, relaxation and instruction. A prayer park and courtyard will sit center among the sprawling acres of the campus. It will be immaculately landscaped, adorned by the flying flags of nations that our prayers and resources are reaching.

It is the vision of bringing thousands of partners together at The Prayer Palace and recruiting Spirit-filled believers into active service in Prayer Everywhere. We will identify, certify and deploy no less than seven thousand intercessors to cover the earth in prayer.

It is the vision of evangelizing young people with relevant and radical gospel ministries through state-of- the-art facilities that promote education, recreation and socialization. Our children will inherit an international prayer ministry with the vision and resources to lead their generation.

It is the vision of operating and overseeing hundreds of home-based prayer ministries around the world as Houses Of Prayer Everywhere (H.O.P.E.). We will have highly committed  partners launching and leading “prayer parties”. This will be the signature outreach for Prayer Everywhere.

It is the vision of having a world-wide media ministry that uses all means available to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom and share the vision of Prayer Everywhere.

It is the vision of loving and leading a prayer vision that will leave no place in the world untouched by prayer or praying people.

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