Prayer Force One Takes Flight!

Kingdom Greetings!

Dear Family,

It’s because we are praying together! 

I lift my hands and voice up to God in praise and thanksgiving for all He has done through prayer at New Hope. My calling to come and pastor “The HOPE” was baptized in prayer by God’s people and this pastor. A year later we are still praying and intensifying our passion and pursuit of power and purpose through prayer. What God is doing in the lives of those connected to the vision and the house of prayer is wonderful to watch!

Thank you for praying for our family and the ministry during this pastoral anniversary. Nothing encourages me more than to see people operate in the power of prayer. Praying people are full of possibilities. Praying people are positive. Praying people have proper perspective. Praying people are prosperous. Praying people help produce powerful pastors!

The most specific opportunity I asked the Lord for in my transition into the pastorate at New Hope was the privilege to launch and lead a prayer ministry at New Hope that could be a seminal model for regional churches and pastors. We are living in the vision. Prayer Force One is another unfolding answer to that unending prayer.  

Praise God for the praise and worship; the fellowship of the saints; the powerful exhortation; the intercessory prayers; the willing prayer leaders; the many prayer clusters; and for the agreement and the faith in the house at Prayer Force One! My special thanks goes also to Minister Tony Adams and all our special guests and Prayer Everywhere partners. 

My utmost appreciation goes again to every member of The HOPE who sacrificed, stretched, supported and strengthened the work of prayer and this pastor at Prayer Force One. We launched with overImage 80 prayer partners gathered with one focus and purpose. The power of our unity made all the difference. It is amazing how being on one accord brings the anointing into the atmosphere.

Our unity in prayer is a gift of the Holy Spirit. We have the power to touch and agree. As long as we can touch and agree we can keep getting things done for the glory of God! Remember, every success is a prayer success; every failure is a prayer failure.

On behalf of our family to our Church family, thank you always for the most powerful and necessary gift you can ever give – the gift of intercession. You are a great prayer shield; a great prayer supply and a great prayer support!

Bishop Sean Teal

Oakland California, 2014



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