The Action Gospel

If you like action join the Partners of Prayer Everywhere as we go through the Gospel of Mark. This Gospel is fast-paced, dynamic and powerful. The journey we will take with Jesus through the Gospel of Mark will put acute attention on the anointed actions and activities of Jesus. Mark mentions 4 parables but 18 miracles! Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime!

Here are some features about the Gospel of Mark that you need to know:

  • “Mark” is John Mark, the nephew of Barnabas and the son of Mary (Acts 12:12, 13:3-13).
  • John Mark ministered with and was influenced by both the apostles, Peter and Paul (I Peter 5:13, II Timothy 4:11).
  • The Gospel of Mark was more than likely the first “Gospel” recorded.
  • This may explain why more than 90 percent of the Gospel of Mark is found elsewhere in Matthew and Luke.
  • The Gospel of Mark is the shortest of the “Gospels”.
  • The Gospel of Mark was written to a Roman audience. Peter was his primary source as an up close eyewitness to the life of Christ.
  • The Gospel of Mark does not mention the genealogy or the accounts of his birth and childhood because it would not interest his audience. Romans were all about action. They would want to know of his exploits more than his teachings
  • Mark uses the term “immediately” or some form of it over 40 times.
  • His primary interest was evangelistic.  He presents Jesus as the Christ and Son of God (1:1). He wants to convince Roman readers that Jesus was divine.
  • His mutual priority is to reveal the power of Jesus through servanthood (10:45).  Mark pictures Jesus as the perfect example of a Spirit-filled servant. Jesus used his power to serve God and people.
  • Mark covers the Passion of Christ and his last week before the Cross in more detail than any other Gospel writer.

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