The Culture of Failure

White House on Reverse of US $20 bill.

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What has happened to our commitment to achievement? Why are we so ready and willing to host the mediocre? Where is the excellence and advancement that once marked America? We live in an age when failure is permitted, tolerated, and sadly expected.

As I have diligently sought to stay aware and well-read concerning the deliberations of the Congressional “Super Commitee” I have noticed the spirit, the attitude, the culture that permeates the modern American political process. It is both shocking and noteworthy that the breaking news today is the announcement that the Super Committee has failed to reach an agreement. They needed to cut federal spending by 1.2 trillion dollars over the next ten years. The goal alone is laughable. We are holding a 15 trillion dollar debt. That would mean every American of every age would need to pay over $40,000 each in order to pay off the national debt. To cut 1.2 trillion over the next ten years is to cut 3% of federal spending. This is a low bar for any legislative body. There is nothing “super” about this committee.

They failed! That’s the news of the day. Those who lead us and make decisions that shape our nation and our collective destiny have failed. They failed to do what is most basic in leadership-make it happen!

The reason they failed is because they had permission to fail. They failed because they know you will let them fail. They failed because failure in leadership is no longer appalling, it is now just “par for trhe course”. Our leaders fail and have no shame.

What we see in Washigton, DC is a culture of failure. My sense of what we need now in our nation is burdened by the failure of our president to demand action on an issue so crucial to our economic well-being. It is the failure of the Congress to understand the power and the importance of making choices and determining decisions. It is the failure of the electorate, every one of us that vote, for not constructively and actively pressing our representatives to work until there is a deal that is good for the nation, especially the middle class and poor. This is the culture of failure. It is not a culture I choose to subscribe. I choose to be victorious in all my efforts.

Those who subscribe to kingdom living live with the guarantee of success and significance. We are called to be supernatural. We are to demonstrate the best that life has to offer. If you are a born again, Spirit-filled believer you have the power of achievement and accomplishment. “For it is God, that worketh in you both to will and do His good pleasure” (Phiippians 2:13). Failure is not an option for God, therefore failure is not an option for us. We have the power to get God’s will done. Let’s get it done!

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