A Prayer Epidemic

Prayer Everywhere is not the vision of a program, a ministry or a movement. What the Lord has called us to lead and launch is an epidemic. I have come to the clear conviction that my calling commissions me to incite a  prayer contagion among Christians and cultures.

Prayer Everywhere is needed to transform churches and cultures. The vision of Prayer Everywhere must now become a spiritual virus and spread among a remnant of radicals. The “radicals” are those who “have addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints” (I Corinthians 16:15). Radicals know the vision and carry the virus. Radicals move freely among people releasing and transmitting their prayer virus.

The best way, the only way, for Prayer Everywhere to reach around the world is by people catching a “prayer everywhere virus”. We must be infected by prayer if we are to affect people and their problems through prayer. Understanding the nature of our calling is essential to seeing ourselves as “carriers”. We must become prayer contagious!

There are all kinds of epidemics throughout the world moving through many cultures. There are epidemics of disease, epidemics of fashion, epidemics of crime and epidemics of technology. An epidemic can be any idea, product,  behavior or  message. Epidemics have life forms and cycles. Epidemics don’t just happen. Epidemics can be launched and lead.

An epidemic has to have contagiousness. We know prayer spreads. We are witnessing the incredible growth and networking happening around the world in the short time we have been sharing the Prayer Everywhere vision. We started in a small prayer group in Chattanooga and now have reached into over 100 cities around the world in a little more than a year.

An epidemic depends on small changes having big effects. There are so many seemingly small things that we could be doing in prayer that would cause prayer to spread like a virus. Creating neighborhood prayer  groups and city-wide prayer outreaches, committing to prayer with our families and to our church’s prayer ministries, contacting people through our social networks, offering them prayer, are just a few small things you could do  that will have a big effect.

An epidemic happens in a hurry. The greatest changes that happen in life don’t happen gradually. The most powerful, memorable changes in your life happened quickly, sometimes with no notice or chance for you to make any adjustments. What we are leading is an epidemic. We must be willing to move wisely, yet quickly, as the prayer virus spreads. We must have an imagination for sudden change. Can we believe God for a “suddenly”? Prayer Everywhere is destined to be a household term. It will happen sooner than we think. That’s how epidemics work.

“The name given to that one dramatic moment in an epidemic when everything can change all at once is the Tipping Point”  Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point. 

Prayer Everywhere is our role. A prayer epidemic is our goal.

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